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November 30, 2007


Turns out it was not the phone that killed the guy. It was a truck. We are always getting those two things confused.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward and Brainy Jello)


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That's good news. Now I don't have to cower in fear of my phone, just trucks driven by colleagues.

yeah, i'm forever leaving my cell phone in the garage.

the truck driver was undoubtedly talking on a cell though.

Picky, picky, picky. Just because the battery had a truck installed around it.

I always cower in fear of colleagues driving trucks... Shudder.

Can you hear me now?

Well if the truck had a hands free phone installed like OnCupid, you could describe it as a really big cell phone.

Can you hear my back-up alarm now?

So, ...

The truck battery exploded in the guy's pants while he was backing up while being asked a question (query). Do I have this right?

Weren't the giant tire tracks across his face a kind of obvious clue that he didn't die from a cell phone explosion?

snork @ Dead Pirate

oops...(throws *r* to last post)

Dread Pirate...sorry...

Al, my hunch is that CBS won't be looking into adding "CSI: Seoul" to its prime time lineup this coming fall.

Is there really a significant difference between a truck and a battery explosion? Just wondering.

Also for those of you that are afraid of the pet uprising... it is nigh! (from a link at the bottom of the article)

"Al, my hunch is that CBS won't be looking into adding "CSI: Seoul" to its prime time lineup this coming fall."

Well if the Writer's Strike continues, an international show might have some appeal.

"CSI Soup for the Seoul"

A truck backs into a bar. The bartender says, "Ouch! - you stupid fool - you've burned my chest, fractured my ribs and spine as well as haemorrhaged my lungs!"

"afraid of the pet uprising" - If the Border collies ever get opposable thumbs, he human race is doomed!

*tosses a 't' up there*

Okay. Now we'll stop ignoring you, pogo. Nothing kills a thread like a mispe misspee spelling something wrong. (Wrongly?)

or if the border collies ever quit chasing the squirrels and instead align WITH them.

*zips™ in*


beer please??

*zips™ out*

Who was that tasked Cuban?

The South Korean may not have been killed by the phone, but the North Korean wasn't so lucky.

speaking of being run over
if any of you are still looking for gifts for your kids for the upcoming winter holiday, check this out.

LOL Annie. good one.

Chris, I LOVED that. I actually sent it in to Dave & judi a few days ago. That should have been on the Holiday Gift Guide!

thanks DPS, i was just thinking about taking a late lunch, now i think i'll just dry heave quietly at my desk.

oh YES! do you suppose it comes with a little fire ant mound?

Okay. I think the cops in Korea really have a hard time.
Think of it like this.
Who do you go after if Kim Lee commits a crime?
If you didn't know, Kim Lee is the most popular name in Korea. More than 100,000 people (In Seoul alone) are named Kim Lee.

That said.
I think the cops REALLY fell off the mark on this one. A truck ran a guy over. The cops think an exploding (3 oz.) battery killed him. Bad cop. No doughnut. Go back to the academy and retrain. Morons.


*sprinkles ant poison on cg's post*

Anyone else want to talk about the evil little beasts?


Yeah, Joe...'cause there's no way it could've just been bad reporting.

And I'm purty sure that feller doesn't care which one it was. He's just as dead.

Bet the guy wishes a can of Schlitz had fallen on him instead of the truck running crunching his internal organs into a gooey pulp. Just sayin'.

Fireants and Blurk - those together remind me I once stopped a horse standing in a large fireant bed I didn't see. It took about 30 seconds for the ants to bite the horse and about 15 minutes to get him slowed down again.

*jumps up and removes "running"* Sorry, just wandered back over from the beer threads...URRRRPPPPPP!!!!!!!

*kills ants in pogo's post*

*suggests Doc not jump in his condition*

I'm surprised they even investigated it at all.
"Killed by cell phone? Sounds good. Next!"
Remember the story of the Texan committing 'suicide' by shotgun? He was shot 6 times....hmmmmm...

Well, everybody knows that Texans are tough folks.

Kinda quiet around here. Too quiet...

Shhhh! What's that? Did you hear something?

Yeah - a new post.

I KNEW I heard somethin'.

I don't know - anything's possible. Remember that the eggheads said at first that it simply wasn't possible for the insulating foam to punch a hole in the wing of the space shuttle. Then suddenly NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts. Maybe the phone exploded and the truck driver ran over the guy to put the fire out?

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