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November 23, 2007


Upbeat worms.

(Which also would be a good name for a rock band.)

(Thanks to vkellner)


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I didn't realize worms were so depressed.

AuntieM, you have no idea.

Auntie- Have you seen there Diet? It is completely unorganized. Sometimes they have to recount votes just and make sure its only heads voting.

Wormy--May I suggest a research-scientist-free environment? Or an exercise buddy?

That's far too confusing for me to ponder this early afternoon, Alfred. I think I remember that you can cut worms in half and they will become two worms. That's just surreal.

Anti-depressants = longer life? It's my only hope.

nobody likes me,
everbody hates me,
might as well medicate some worms.

*throws a "y" up to lurker*

AuntieM- Worms can go both ways.

A Diet is actually a form of structure for life. Many monastaries were called Diets. We now view them as restricting your eating habits. A fallen word in my view.

Amerenfranc- It changes the Game of Life completely. (You go Emo, skip 34 bars, prepare to die a pauper)

That reminds me -- I've been to Worms. Used to live within an easy driving distance from there.

go wormy
be happy...

or some r.e.m?

starving happy worms
C. elegans

geeks dressed in white coats
prod them, prod them
give them lotsa drugs
test them, test them
see what makes 'em live longer lives!
next:test drugs on their wives!

insom, THAT was inspired! I am too full from Turkey day to think that hard!

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
Seratonin's pretty wormy, that's right
So for my nematode point of view
Give a happy worm a pill or two

Kids these days days just love them Gloomy Worms.

In terms of rock bands: I'm sure that many here already know about the Arrogant Worms, who gave us the classic "Carrot Juice is Murder."

See it here.

"I've heard the screams of the vegetables..."

Just a nematode
every lab I go
Doctors pick the part
I'm playing

Made to simulate
Some dumb human state
Every last disease

Now they're so afraid
youth will pass away
they need me to predict
about them

When the end comes I know
I'll stay just a nematode
as life goes on
without them

'Cause I mimic their body
though nobody really knows all about me
I'm so sad and lonely
sad and lonely sad and lonely
Won't some sweet doctor
come and give some antidepressants to me
then it's not so bad

I-I-I-I-I-I-I mimic their body, their body,
They just don't really care for me
Their body, their body
I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm so sad and lonely,
sad and lonely,
sad and lonely,
Won't some sweet doctor come
and give some antidepressants to me
then it ain't so bad

You'd be pretty depressed too if you were hermaphroditic...

I don't know, Steve. Best of both worlds and all that.

*snorkanematode* @ Meanie!!

Meanie, you need a hobby. (SNORK).

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