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November 18, 2007


He got probation.

We don't know what happened to the bicycle, but we hope it wound up in a good home.

(Thanks to Rick)


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was it a huffy?


Poor guy, I know how it feels. Those bannana seats just do something for me, too. And those shiny handles with the little dangly ribbons hanging down oh so seductively...

Hah! snork @ Wyo. At least the guy is admitting that alcohol was involved.

No, Wyo, it was a Hussy.

The bike had been pedaling itself on the street.

Maybe Oprah will get the bike some counseling.

Spokes. Ouch.

That is all.

"Did he ring the bell?"

Well, and I am sure FCDA will agree with me. Using the legal principle "dubia in meliora partem interpretari debent" the perp is "ejusdem generis " and the bicycle is without a doubt "nemo plus iuris ad alium transferre potest quam ipse habet ".
Thus there is no intent; there is no viable complaintent; ergo: Nemo dat quod non habet..
Entered this day, November 18, 2007.

Just so you know, not that you care; I have still not broken my computer addition (see thread a few back). Since it is so hard, I propose to break it a little at a time. If you promise to vaccuum a room, I'll do the same (and then, on to scrubbing toilets, etc). O.K.? I really need your support.

You're having trouble with math, foggy? Afraid I can't help you there; that's why I teach history.

Sorry, my mistake, addiCtion was the word I was trying to say.

foggy--Oh, now THAT I can help with. You, go clean off a "hot spot" in you house. Go to http://www.flylady.net/ RIGHT NOW and sign up so you can get your computer time and organization skills together at the same time.

That better?

I care foggiest! Not that I have a single clue what the heck you are talking about, but I do care, really.

I care foggiest! Not that I have a single clue what the heck you are talking about, but I do care, really.

Well I'm a-gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler
About leavin’ my blogging to clean ring around the collar
Every time I try to vacuum, to get a few things done
My screen says, no dice, girl; you gotta have fun
Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do
‘Cause there ain’t no cure for the Blog addict’s blues

*clap clap clap*
Ducky, you have an amazing talent for song lyrics. Bravo! I think I scared foggy to the Fly Lady site, though.

Ya know Auntie,
I had some troopers who ran across a "fly lady" in Saigon "back in the day". From what they told me, she was a "Cleaner". 3P max.

You're weird, iggy. No offense or anything. I'm pretty sure you know it already.

Maybe a visit to the House Fairy would have helped your friends in Saigon, igloo.

Oh, I know it! But then so was Copernicus.

Thanks, Auntie! Guess it comes from having way too many old songs floating around in my head.

I figured you to be more on par with Descartes or Kant. Wait, forget I said that last one.

Auntie, I want to, but I Kant.

Sorry, Ducky. I was actually talking to igloo there. You're more of an "Andrew Lloyd Webber".

case?? did you get the pictures?? I am having a lot of problems with hotmail today. It keeps saying the mail didn't go through and I keep sending. I've sent the same stuff 30 times to other people (sorry judi).

Descartes walks into a bar and the bartender asks, "the ususal?" Descartes says, "I think not." and disappears.

ok, I know i've posted that before, but it's one of my favorites, and the guys at work don't even know who Descartes was. They just Kant get it.

Auntie, I figured. I was just being silly. (And thanks for the compliment--I love Phantom of the Opera!)

Got it Siouxie, thanks a million! I smooched ya back, but then I had to clean my monitor. Did I tell ya you are the bestest?

I knew I shouldn't have brought up Kant. That's a good joke, Wyo. I'll have to use that one. Sadly, back in college when I knew everything, we used to debate philosophy and philosophers. Unfortunately, no drugs were involved.

*Existential snork* @ Wyo!

Wyo, wasn't Descartes before De Horse?

*rim shot for Ducky*


Hey, casey, did your friends like your song?

Ok..I just got this from Punkin and I'm sure she won't mind if I post it.

Sadie's first blog experience!

YAY! you got 'em casey!!

I got your wet smooch. I cleaned up already ;-P

Sadie's gonna be real disappointed when she gets a boyfriend later in life. Just saying.

*Snork* @ Auntie!

LOL Auntie. very true.

"But Mommy?? I thought it was a candy cane!"

I won't go there. Punkin will hurt me.

Punkin' advice from the good book: "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Well done, girl. (thanks, Sioux)

*replaces non-PC version of the Bible on the shelf*

Wyo, maybe we can add Sadie as our youngest bloggette on the Booger page?

fine, but I'll need Sadie Poo's bio, think Punkin' can whip one up for me?

OMG! She is so adorable.

*suffers a brief moment of baby envy*

*hears g, j, and d making noise doing who knows what*

*gets over baby envy* *mostly*

Save this commo.
When you get older, Burn the PIC. This is very important. BURN THE PIC.

Wyo, I'm sure she would!

doesn't 'probation' describe what happened to the bike, as well?

insom, if the bike was lucky.

Wyo, I thing it was a SCHWINNNNG.

layzee - casey had that at 6:19. She's too modest to say so, but....
Punkin - can't wait to meet Sadie when she grows up a bit. We can talk about the birds and the bear's candy cane.

So did his SchwinnG have a flexible aluminum frame, or (dare I say it) an artificial composite? Hommina hommina...

Well, of course they arrested him. He was riding without a helmet.

Er, what?

I bet his lawyer is saying "Sometimes you lose, sometimes you Schwinn"

Or not.

Descartes walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, "Has anybody seen Mike Kant?"

Descartes walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, "Has anybody seen Mike Kant?"

Descartes walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, "Has anybody seen Mike Kant?"

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