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November 23, 2007


...love any nearby inanimate object.

(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau, who asks, "Is there a sudden shortage of women? First the guy with the bike, and now this.")


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I likes me a gal with a bit of mettle!

There's no accounting for other people's taste, but I say that when they're with someone I don't get, nevermind something.

Interestingly enough, both happened in Britain.

I dunno, the fleur de lis on the fence spikes look kinda sexy to me too.

Did you read the one about the man who was beaten because he was bald?

What if he had a comb over?

"Do you mind if we dance with your gates?"

Man, British women must be really really fugly.

When I was young and in my prime,
I used to (add something here)all the time.
But now that I'm older, and have more sense,
I use the knot hole in the fence.

Siouxie, one word...Camilla.

Lol, cj. And yes, sxi, by and large, they are.

But the gate was a real swinger.

Yeah, the cops never said "get up against the F*ing fence". Yeah, that wouldn't happen; he was drunk. And trying to have sex with the grill of his dreams.

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