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November 26, 2007


(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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I'll have one please.

if the nurses are holding sizzling sausages, what more equipment do they need?

That's hot!

*volunteers for sausage sizzle*

oven mitts?

So, in a sausage sizzle (and I quote) "the nursing staff are really copping it at the bedside."

But, what does it all mean ???

Once again, two cultures separated by a common language...

I wonder if Quebec and France have the same quandries?

Laurie - it's like he's an injured cop, and you're the nurse taking care of him...
I'd say more, but Mary's Sharpies are running low.

Beats me, Laurie. My guess is a kind of bake sale, but with sausages instead of bread.

I'm guessing they mean weenie roast?

I like Annie's answer better. I know a cop...

*SMACKS the cop*

My first attributed posting! I'm kvelling! (Yiddish for beaming with pride and pleasure.)

klez - then I guess I'm kinda kvelling, too.

yay to kvelling klez!

*hands MrBill a hot skillet*

OOOoooohhh NNNOOOOoooooo!!

I still think they'd make way more $ copping it than baking. Siouxie's accountant told me.

Annie, are we talking copping a feel or feeling a cop?

Is there a difference?

Hey there, Big Boy. That's a real sizzling sausage you got there!

(said in best Kathleen Turner voice)

The Sausage Sizzler and the Running Raffles wbagn for something. Like a venereal disease.

blink, blink?

Fo sizzle ma nurzle.

also "copping the brunt" which wbagnf something

I thought that was just a myth . . .

Sizzle the wizzle, pure pork sausage.

...or a myth'd opportunity.

A sausage sizzle? Don't knackwurst if you haven't fried it.

You gotta love Aussies. My Aussie boss once asked the office manager for a "rubber" because there were none in the supply cabinet (he meant a large pink ERASER). She never let him live it down.

Well, the Australians have nationalized healthcare
which means that there never is enough taxpayer
money to pay for new equipement, doctors, surgery,
pills,...,all the stuff American folks have, but
complain that insurance is too high.

With centralized medicine, people are foced to come
to the USA to get that operation they'll die before
the government will allow.

This is why Hillary is a scary person.

*snork*@ casey!

Let me try again to explain.

In America, the public schools hold fund raisers all
the time selling baked goods or candy or whatever.

They claim this is to buy "school supplies", even
thought the average public school student costs the
taxpayers something like $10,000.00 per year with
rather results.

The Austrailian nurses are are holding "sizzlers" to
buy medcal equipement because the hospitals are all
run by the government. This is really common in all
countries that have nationalized medicine.

Just something to think about during the 2008
election cycle.

Hey there, Big Boy. That's a real sizzling sausage you got there!

(said in best Kathleen Turner voice)

Posted by: ArcticAl | 04:17 PM on November 26, 2007

Al - you sound NOTHING like her. Just sayin'. ;-)

GNK, we got it the first time. Unless it's a funny comment, we mostly avoid follytics around here.

I moved to Australia a couple of years ago from California and the first time I heard this phrase, it did give me pause. It's just a barbecue with sausages (like a "weenie roast"). I went with my Aussie husband when he voted on Saturday in the federal election here and the elementary school where he voted had a garage sale and sausage sizzle in the courtyard right outside the polling place! Evidently this is a really traditional election-day fundraiser for schools that host polling places.

(BTW, Hanna, are you sure that the person asking for a rubber instead of an eraser was an Aussie? I've heard my British friends use this term but I don't think they use it in Australia.)

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