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November 30, 2007


Santa has to wear a seatbelt.

Key Quote That Made This Blog Think of the Previous Item:
  Every Christmas Eve he whizzes around the world...

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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1. That Santa apparently missed a few cookies.

2. Note to self, use umbrella when out on Christmas Eve.

3. T.I.N.T.

4. Another Note to Self: Be sure to throw away umbrella on Christmas morning.

Eww, never thought of that! What about the reindeer whiz?

OK, apparently these people don't have kids. If Santa arrived without a seatbelt the kids would be asking why.

If I inadvertently got the car rolling before one of the kids was completely buckled, there'd be a panick-ed
"wait Mom, I'm not buckled!" And woe to anyone who wasn't a seatbelt wearer (this was before it was law) "Why don't you wear a seat belt?" etc. The schools do a good job of instilling the safety value of seatbelt into kids.

i'm thinking maybe santa has some dui's on his record.

cg, it's all the eggnog. Even Rudolph, with his red nose?? They're all flying high.

whizzing through the snow
in a seat belted open sleigh
o'er the hills we go
peeing all the way

bells on dashboard ring
causing such a fright
oh what fun it is to say
"buckle up tonight"....

oooooooooooooh, warning bells,
warning bells
dinging all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a seat belted open sleigh

"He would be more likely to injure himself getting in and out of the sleigh than actually falling out of it."

Yup. No propper steps, and no hand rail. That sleigh is a death-trap.

That seat belt seems to be a tad loose to do any good.

On the other point of interest, I'm re-thinking whether or not I enjoy Cheezwhiz.

*snork* @ cg!!

and ewwwww

I thought he drove a UPS™ truck

Mr Wheeler said: "He would be more likely to injure himself getting in and out of the sleigh than actually falling out of it."

Careful or you're going to give the insurance guys some more ideas.

*whizzes on insurance guys. man, it's tough to aim when you're wearing a straightjacket.*

That ain't no seatbelt, that's merely a lap strap. Worse than useless IMHO.

better a lap strap than a jock strap.

The lawyers that stole Christmas.

Naughty, naughty, Dave! Remember? Santa can't say "H-,H-,H-" anymore.

I've been thinking maybe Santa should be saying "Hoohah, Hoohah, Hoohah!" Yeah, that's better.

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