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November 25, 2007


(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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"OK, folks, let's give it up for...Hampshire Police Bus!"

Or, maybe not.

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, what 'ave we got 'ere then?

I really want to comment, but my mind is blank for all the laughter. I'll just say mega-*SNORK* and leave it at that.

To protect and serve indeed.

Roll out more hose!

He doesn't look too excited to see us. And it obviously isn't a night stick in his pocket.

Poor, poor English Bobby-dude....

The look on his face along with it is priceless.

mot-- not much here at all.

I think that might be Mt. St. Helen there, giving off a
few warning shots.

Shouldn't the bobette be arresting her colleague for indecent exposure? Sly, you're so right about the look on his face ... couldn't be funnier.

*Wonders if this bus line has any plans to add a female officer on the front, IYCMD.....*

That's why they changed their names from Bobby to Dick.

It's the fuzz!!

(and lol, meanie, re the headlights)


I'm sure the guy in the picture is real popular with the women now!

Bus 54 Where Are You?

C'mon, dude, keep it in your bus.

Bobette recalls to mind Lorena who's act was called bobbitt, if I recall. Same body part.

The other funny thing about this is that this is probably the UK's way of putting more cops on the street...

The pride on his face...he's got to be thinking "I'm smokin'"... BTW, is "spotted dick" an English food or a disease? Whatever is is, I think it's also known as steamed dickey.

...and after sex, he's exhausted.

Cop 1: "Do you smoke after sex?

Cop 2: "I don't know. I never checked."

Is that why the female officer is grinning so big?

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