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November 28, 2007


Where Even the Litter is Different

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)


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"The Florida Highway Patrol says anyone missing two big bags of pot can call their Tampa area office."

And they'll deliver it?

and all we got was chicken fat. it's not fair i tell you. i would have volunteered to help in that clean up effort.

They ought to ask the two guys in the nearby Dennny's who ordered $175 worth of pancakes, bacon, French toast, omelettes, muffins, chocolate milk, coffee, donuts, fried eggs, sausage ..... if they know anything about it.

if it's worth that much on the street, it ought to be worth more on the interstate!

"The plants appeared freshly picked and some had intact roots."

Pulled out the whole plant? You just can't get good help anymore.

Police became suspicious when the line outside a near by Burger King reached 1 mile.

I'm just waiting to see the MORONS that actually call the FHP to get their pot back. Cuz you KNOW someone will.

waiting to see the MORONS that actually call the FHP

They'll be like the genius who answered the cop's "Marco" with "Polo."

8:00....59lbs 15oz
8:30....59lbs 14 oz
8:45....59lbs 13oz

I was LTTG sending this in, but the version I saw had a much better headline:

Dude, Didn't We Have 60 Pounds of Pot?

I just wanted to turn in these three (ahem, sorry) two bags of marijuana I found...I don't touch the stuff, but I would like to turn in this bag of marijuana I found

I drove by that 'clean-up crew' yesterday. That's amusing, because they were convicts!

This is how this story plays out in Chicago

Special Delivery at the Public Defender's Office

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