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November 26, 2007


Pee in the sea.

(Thanks to CJRun)


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FIRST to say...doesn't everybody??

Siouxie, that's labial warming.


What a great excuse for dumping depleted uranium all over the cradle of civilization. Why didn't OUR government genius' that love us so come up with this excuse first?

*looks around for 'government genius'*

I once peed in a swimming pool when I was five and my swim instructor threw me off the diving board. I couldn't help it. It was an involuntary reflex.

umm does peeing in the pool help global warmong too? It sure warms up the cold water around me.

Dumping tends to imply a waste product

Um, yes it does.

Arctic, you talkin' 'bout global warmingering? I thought the Cold Warmong was over?

Siouxie stole my comment! Dang it woman, get outta my head! There's already too many of us in there.

Hmmm, if I can't resist the urge to get a new digital SLR, can I explain to mrs.dances that's an involuntary reflex?

No wuckers, casey, you can do it too. Everybody does. It's a single (lens) reflex. It's not your fault.

Picture this: I'm thinking that Urea Heap's album Head First would be apropos about now.

yeah, you guys go fix the ocean, then if you want a real challenge, try fixing your egos.

(tightens duct tape wrap around head)

Siouxie stole my comment! Dang it woman, get outta my head! There's already too many of us in there.
Posted by: casey | 04:27 PM on November 26, 2007

Dang it, casey - I said the same thing to Med yesterday. Quit stealing my comments, woman!;p

Sounds crazy but it just might work.

dances @ 4:25 - I had the same thought, but not quite as elegantly worded as yours.

dwv: written by Sea Dickens?

DD, aren't you s'poseta say "Dang it woman, get outta my head!"? :-)

*Snork*, CJ. But wouldn't that be Dikkens? You know, the guy who wrote Carnaby Fudge, et cetera.

Urea! Why does it have to be urea??!!

SW, why not? It has wide appeal and can be turned into a FPS contest (like Unreal Tournament).

Fine. Dang it woman, get outta my head! ;-)

But since when are you a woman, dances?

Well, since, um, never, DD. Just trying to (not) fit in (your head).

Snork @ Annie's 4:57.

Great minds and all, right?

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