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November 26, 2007


Flaming Lingerie

(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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sorry about that. when you're hot, you're hot.

I think alcohol and or burritos were involved.

Man, did you see that babe? She was HOTTTT!!!!

I wonder how many expensive items walked out during the evacuation.

Juggler, expensive items and Kmart are not usually used in the same sentence. After all the flaming lingerie was probably a blue light special. Speaking of which, does the fire qualify as a "red" light special once the fire trucks arrive?

Victoria's Secret has really missed a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Flaming lingerie would ALSO be a solution for Mr. Itchy Nuts.

^5 crossgirl!

This happened in Florida? Why am I not surprised?

Siouxie, I think he was already wearing them. GREAT BALLS AFIRE!

Layzee...how about Great Bras Afire! or Panty Roast!

How could they catch fire? Most lingerie has lots of opening for "ventilation".

Sort of OT, but:

At work this weekend there was a pair of panties sitting on the floor outside the elevator. The were not attractive panties, being bikini type with large multi-colored flowers. I spent a good amount of time wondering how they got there and why. They were gone this am, so I'm also wondering where they went...

ellie - which floor?

LOL. Annie, if you think they might be yours, I can check in the lost and found. Wearing gloves, of course.

Annie, you and blurkie need to stop that elevator s3x stuff...sheesh.


Hey now, I was just asking for a friend. A friend of Siouxie's.

Nothing wrong with Elevator sex. Only problem is, How does the elevator smoke when you are finished?

Sorry Arctic, But having worked for the Big K in Security, we had several large ticket items stolen. Mostly Stereos and TV's. Of course most were too big to shoplift, but a fire evacuation would be a perfect chance to get them out.

♫ Chestnuts roasting .... ♪

JoG- sheesh, how do you think the lingerie got on fire in the first place?

Ah, hard news in America.

"We're on the scene with Heidi Klum..."

Love Is A Burning Thing
And It Makes A Fiery Ring
Bound By Wild Desire
I Fell Into
A Thong Of Fire

I Fell Into
A Burning Thong Of Fire
I Went Down, Down, Down
And The Flames Went Higher
And It Burns, Burns, Burns
The Thong Of Fire
The Thong Of Fire

The Taste Of Love Is Sweet
At K-M@rt We Did Meet
I Fell For You Like A Child
Oh, But The Fire Went Wild

I Fell Into A Burning Thong Of Fire
I Went Down, Down, Down
And The Flames Went Higher
And It Burns, Burns, Burns
The Thong Of Fire
The Thong Of Fire

Being on the scene with Heidi Klum might make some hard news, IYKWIM.

I seem to remember some certain adult entertainment centers on South Orange Blossom Trail, from my Navy days. Wonder if one of the strippers, um, entertainers, was trying out a new act...

Holds up his open Cell Phone to Honor Meanies adaptation. not a bad song to have as an earworm.

Excellent, Meanie!

snork @ meanie

*snork*, meanie! Excellent way to start a Monday. :)

Meanie, they should run that song under Mr. Itchy Nuts's dance on utube.

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