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November 28, 2007


Inseam Blowout and the Combat Pants

(Thanks to Nancy Lambert and DavCat)


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I wonder if the story is related to the new US Army exoskeleton that is on CNN.

Key Quote? "Thompson said. "Losing a crotch is supposed to happen sometime after a Thanksgiving meal, not in combat."

You know, it's not that hard to re-inforce a seam. Not funny, I know, but just go back and double stitch it. Voila. Problem solved.

"crotch durability problems"

I hear snorking over by the ladies' makeup table .....

I used to have that but now I'm on Viagra.

*holds back laughter*

Us?? laugh?? noooooooooooo Meanie.


*guess they can't wear crotchless*

all those people over there, and not one tailor?? now that is stupid planning.

queensbee, it's just so hard to find a good tailor in a fire fight.

blurk, we know that - it's just that we see all those little foreign tailors over here... Wait, that might account for it- they're all over here- in NJ!

Okay, so you're telling me that there are soldiers fighting whose pants are ripping off them?
For some strange reason I'm feeling the desire to talk to a travel agent about arrangements to the Middle East. Is it hot in here?

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