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November 30, 2007


Cell Phones Locate London Loos

Key Quote:
The council said it hopes the service will stop people from urinating in alleyways, saying some 10,000 gallons of urine ends up in Westminster streets each year.

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(Thanks to many people)


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I'd hate to be the person whose job it is to measure that urine.

Reaction To The Reaction To Key Quote: ditto

pregnant women will breathe a sigh of relief with this new service.

LOL, mm. I hear, you!

So every man, woman and child (estimated 2006 population = 7500000) in London pees out just under 1/4 oz (~6 mL) on the street every year? That doesn't sound so bad...

Huh, interesting math, DP. Most people can wee that much just from laughing too hard.

I just tried it and got 4207.69 miles...

not sure whether to euwww or snork first.

I bet the ones utilizing allies are men of the 'wouldn'taskfordirectionsifmylifedependedonit' male gender.


fivver, good luck holding it till you get there.

Obviously I don't know how to spell the plural of ally, FWIW.

Oh, if only there were something similar to find toilets in Paris!

Yay me! I'm one of many people!

Now if my cell phone could tell me the directions to the closest pub so I could refill my bladder, that would be amazing science.

I agree Amer, I found some, but they were located in creepy basements of cafes. I solved this problem by not drinking anything while out exploring the city.

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