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November 29, 2007


For a moment there, we were excited.

(Thanks to Laurie)


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dang. me too.

next year perhaps they'll book heavy petting.

Happy Ukapalooza to you. (This is not meant to be offensive to players of any other instruments.)

gjd - we're offended.

Dang! Another fantasy shot to he11.

Dang! Another fantasy shot to he11.

musta been a double barrel howard.

I only pulled the trigger once. Honest.

Howard, you're supposed to squeeze the trigger, not pull it. That's why you had the double discharge.

I figured a double discharge was something to be proud of.

(Mr. Language Person: Something of which to be proud?)

Howard, there are creams for that discharge...just sayin'.

"Something that makes me prouderer"

A make out band, steamy bohemians and Jerkus Circus??? What is this, the 60s???

LOL, ellie - they say everything comes back again!

I think Worcester is stuck in the 60's!

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