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November 29, 2007


(Thanks to Art Chimes, who observes: "Hail Mary, full of bytes")


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Don't use it during Lent.

*Deploys lightning arrestor*

You know what's going to be stored on that, right?

The perfect gift for that fashion-conscience nun on your list!

pssst, dave, that's a cross, not a crucifix.

Thanks for clearing that up, cg.

I'm thinking of all kinds of possible decorative pendant/flash drives. For women, of course.

Jesus saves.

*SNORK! Annie*

I got one response: Oy Vey.

LOL Annie!

Will it save p0rn??

Told you!

CG, you can set up a sideline business now. Folk art crosses that are also computer peripherals.

Ans Snork at Annie!

It would be harder to do this with a Jewish star. It's too bad.

There should be an asterisk: *not for Jews.

We never get the good stuff. :(

El, you can design a dreidel one!

El, Oy to the World.



al, i've tried. sadly, my computer skills are a little outdated. this is as close as i could get.

Christ, v2.0!!

Love that cross cg. Do you still have it or is it sold?

Jesus saves.

Moses invests.

I thought CG had a copyright on things cross-like.

Reminds me of that nature song: "Gladley, The Cross-Eyed Bear".

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