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November 28, 2007


Soon we will have no fundamental human rights left.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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First! YAY!

That is all.

Wrawwwwkkkk! Polly wants human rights. Wrawwwwwkkkk!

What Meanie said.

It's very intimidating when the clever people are up early.

Mornin', Meanie!

And speaking of Creeping Fascism, you can't even put on swim trunks and ride a bicycle down a motel's hallway in Rochester, Minnesota anymore.

$2.06 per lb- and they taste like chicken!

Mornin' to you, gjd, assuming you're still speaking to any of us male guys.

I just love to say Cameroon!!!!

Wonder what the parrots were saying when they were released way out in the wild....

Howz come you never hear of anyone being charged with decent exposure? Are they all that hideous?

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