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November 28, 2007


This just in.

(Thanks to Joshua Evans)


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So in the name of the new merged company, will Dick come before Chick or will Chick come before Dick?

The Dick's by my house is a lot smaller than the one in Oakbrook. Must be something about rich people getting more.

Insert "size isn't everything" joke here.

There are laws against that, aren't there?

Expat, it's a merger. Chick's and Dick's will come together.

*SMACKS blurk*

just cuz Annie's too slow this morning.

Well, we don't have to suppose whether the headline writer had fun with this one. His amusement was nigh on half of the article.

As for the merged name, in my head, I keep hearing Dixie Chicks.

The real question pertains to merging the accounting. Will Chick's get into Dick's, or will Dick's go into Chick's? Only time, and possibly Jerry Springer, will tell.

Coupla years ago right around hunting season, the local news was doing a live feed interviewing customers at Dick's. They asked this one old buck if he was able to find everything he needed to get prepared for the upcoming hunting season. His response, "Oh yeah. I love Dick's."

Simultaneous major SNORKage could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

Somehow it just wouldn't have been as funny if he were shopping at Chick's.

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