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November 28, 2007


Anybody missing anything?

(Thanks to Expat Canuck)


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Poor turtles...abandonned like that. Do they release turtles into the wild, or sell them as pets?


Shells on a train!

*Snork* at Meanie.

Shouldn't the turtles be on a slow boat to China?

LOL Meanie!

So that's where they went.

All these interesting stories, and by the time I get back from prayers, it's turtles. So typical.

Rushin' turtles?

an investigation has been opened into the origin of the reptiles
Not another evolution debate....

an investigation has been opened into the origins of the reptiles

Hey investigators. Let me help you out.

Which came first?? the turtle or the egg??


*SNORKs* @ Jazzzz and DPC.

LOL at Jazzzz and DPC!!

*^5's dpc*

this would have been a much more interesting story if the turtles had been found in sports bras, not bags.

*^5's Jazzzz*

Please, have one.

Maybe they were still looking for Nemo.

and covered in chocolate

Turtle soup comes in its own bowl.

pogo...what a great marketing idea...send to Campbell's™ asap!

A turtle walks into a sports bra..
then another turtle walks into a sports bra...
then another turtle walks into a sports bra...

...are the real writers still on strike?

Dyslexic turtles, Annie?

Uh, that would be "lysdexic".

Sorry, gopo.

At some point, somebody was loading up 525 turtles into a sportsbag thinking "this is a good idea." Then, at another point, that same person realized after they got off the train "oh crap! Where is my bag of turtles?!"

Just baffling.

Chicken fat, pot, crotch durability problems, turtles, do you detect a trend here?

Off topic. Yesterday the maximum temp in Johannesburg was 81 today it was 62. I blame those Al Gore rhythms. Back to the turtles.

Nearsighted smuggler's defense: Well, they looked a lot like tennis balls.

If any of them have Italian names we should alert the television networks. I hear they might be willing to shell out.

"turtles in a sports bra (oh, yeah)"

Annie, this sounds like a line from a song by the Eagles...

Turtle on the Odessa-Tashkent Express.

Sounds like an Agatha Christie mystery.

The turtles?

Oh, and by the by...
You guys are welcome!
I posted the urls to the Idiots Of Garry's Mod 1 & 2 in both my comments.

Hint: it's in the name.

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