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November 29, 2007


You might want to think about moving.

(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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whack a cosmic mole!?! more like God's playing pinball.

I strongly suspect that the asteroid is going to hit earth at 4:31 pm Central on either August 1 or August 7, 2036. I'm not sure which payday is going to be after the birthday when I can retire.

Yippee! Something to look forward to when I'm 83!

It could easily be deflected by projecting a giant image of Mr. Manil0w.

It could easily be deflected by projecting a giant image of Mr. Manil0w.

Once would be enough, though.


It'll be when I'm 64.

Third planet into the corner pocket...

An apocalypse in 2036? Dave/Judi - you're only off by two! Pretty damned doggone good.

gjd, you and me both. Because we need more to worry about. *rolls eyes*

Well, I'll be 90. Somebody be sure to remind me.

BTW, where does the expression whack-a-mole come from? It sounds like a form of cricket where you hit moles instead of cricket balls.

My knowledge of whack-a-mole is from those games at places like Chucky Cheeze where you use the rubber mallet to whack critters as they come up out of their hidey holes.

Beyond that, I've no idea.

It's an arcade game where moles pop up from different holes in a machine and you whack 'em with a mallet.

Either that or it's kinda the same as spankin' the monkey. Could go either way.

^5 Noob.

Whack a mole is a carnival game with a board with a dozen or so holes from which a little mole figure pops up. The idea is to quickly score points by whacking the mole with a hammer (ISIANMTU). As soon as you hit one, another pops up out of a different hole. The more moles you whack within the allowed time, the higher you score.

It goes best with beer.

daisymae, it's also a term used by soldiers for enemy troops that keep popping up during a fight.

There's a home version of it, too. Also best played with beer. But if you play it with a nine-year-old, don't ever ever lean over the playing area. You WILL get whacked. It's like this.

I'll be 76 and probably won't give a sh!t anyways.


i'll be a superduper geezer at 85. i hope i still have my brains then. but somebody remind me in say, 2035.

Queensie, I'll email you from the nursing home.

I'll be sweeping my stoop. Gotta be tidy in case an asteroid drops by.

Thanks to all (Annie, I couldn't get the game to work...it wanted me to install something called ActiveX. I didn't know what it is, so I said - No.). Your descriptions of the moles reminded me of prairie dogs (and prairie dogging).

Meanie, you'll need to do a group email from the nursing home.

Al Gore has discovered that the earth will be safe if it heats up a few degrees by then. What to do, what to do?

I'll be 66. Probably drinkin' beer. Or dead. Again, could go either way.

LMAO Med! I'll be using the blower.

By then they'll have a geezer shuttle to Mars and Venus. I'm SO there.

*Evil Grin*

Siouxie, I thought you YOU used your blower to drink beer.


*imagines geezer Mars shuttle with port thruster flashing on and off*

Really GOOD coffee this morning.

Sorry, Mary. I'll send Sharpies.

Call Bruce Willis. He'll take care of it.

El, when I sent this in, I added..."Attention Bruce Willis"


blurk?? me ME??? *SMACK*

You think we've got immigration issues now, just wait until 2036.

Eeeeeeeekkk...The sky is falling.

I guess the entire planet is going to get "stoned"
at the same time. Perhaps Jerry Garcia will come
back from the dead for the "happening, man".

Far out !!

Just change 'bomb' to 'rock'...

To be serious here for just a moment (yeah, I know, bad taste), this is why we need to be working on space travel -- precisely so we can move, when the time eventually comes...

Precisely right, FP. We've wasted a generation on thumb-twiddling with respect to space exploration. The Space Shuttle became a 1973 Ford Pinto in 1986, and what has NASA done since? Where's the long-overdue SSTO? Okay, so they built David Bowie's tin can (the ISS), which was necessary enough -- but even that couldn't have been done without Russia and the other countries involved. And they're still driving the aforementioned Pinto to get there and back. Don't get me started.

Oops -- sorry, too late.

Everybody get their towels ready. 42!

Let's all meet at Milliways!

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