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November 25, 2007


Watch out for stray voltage (which would be a good name for a rock band).

Key Quote: Police and EMS confirmed Bedell was brought to Lincoln Hospital where officers said they noticed a smell of something burning on him.

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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"Do we pay to get excruciating pain in the streets?"

No, that's just one of the extra perks New Yorkers get for living here. No need to thank us.

Seriously, we get stories like this every year, though it's usually someone's dog who gets zapped, occasionally fatally. And every time Con (aptly named) Ed swears they are on the case and checking things out, until the next incident.

Given this guy's complaints, he's just itching to sue. Doubly so since they found no source for it and appear to have no problems admitting to the issue in the past.

Also, as an aside: Those terrorist bastards. Now they're using manhole covers.

it IS one of the exciting perks of living there, yes it is, i agree wi/Jeff. i just came back from there, and i was on shpilkes [pins and needles] the whole time.

This is a shocking story. Watt will they do about this recurring problem?

He was discharged as soon as he got to the hospital.

This happened to me, too, when I was a kid, in an ice cream parlor. I was in my bare feet, which I shouldn't have been, and had just gotten my cone when I stepped on one of those covers. The electric shock made my hand clench, the cone crushed, and the ice cream fell to the floor. I remember thinking it was totally unfair that I didn't get another cone.

I bet he has a real electric personality.

And you know Con Ed will find a way to bill the guy for the electricity, too.

I think Shocking Volt WBAGNFARB, and it just warms the cockles of my heart to know that Dave & Davcat are on the job early on Sunday morning.

cockles, cockles, cockles!

*Note to self: work cockles into every conversation today*

Its not bad enough that we have to remember not to step on the cracks in the sidewalk, now we've got to avoid manhole covers. Life is too complicated.

"Bedell's girlfriend Yvette Reyes says he called her in agony."

And then he called his doctor in Albany.

(lol, mot!)

As long as he didn't call her Shirley, right Stevie?

Well, you see, NYC has installed a full-power actual weirdness magnet.


I immediately thought of you and that dance when I saw this one, Siouxie.

I wonder if this guy's favorite topic in social studies was Current Events?

Meanie...it brings to mind all the thousands who are 'off the grid' in NY.

That's my dance, Meanie! judi's great at it too.

How apropos [ck sp]; I've been offline for a week because Con-Ed was "working" on my block and cut the power for a moment then, when it came back on, the surge fried my modem. I'm just glad that me and the dog weren't standing on a manhole at the time it's something we like to do now and again; NTTAWWT.

When I was growin up in Brooklyn, my grandma always said don't step on the manhole covers or metal grates- and I asked her why- and she said "you just never know" Smart woman, my grandma.

'I'm in excruciating pain in the ambulance'

What part of the body is the ambulance in? :)

Don't be so pedantic, Kristina. You're becoming a real pain in the ambulance. ;-)

INSTALLING a weirdness magnet in NYC??? they were INVENTED in NYC. miami's got nyc beat on weirdo drivers... but only because not everybody in the CITY drives. i cant imagine the weirdness were that the case. you wanna see weird - just wait for a bus at the port authority terminal, at any hour of the day or nite. NYC is the capital of weird n whacky.whaddaya starin' at??? ya wanna pictcha?

I don't like the fact that they posted a picture of a manhole cover that only looked like the offending manhole cover. If I were the manhole cover in the picture, I'd sue for defamation of character.

Yes, a good name for a rock band, but a great name would be Stray Voltage and the Upbeat Worms!

Ok and while I am at it, just what are cockles?

Don't worry! I found out:

cock·le 1 (kŏk'əl) Pronunciation Key
Any of various bivalve mollusks of the family Cardiidae, having rounded or heart-shaped shells with radiating ribs.
The shell of a cockle.
A wrinkle; a pucker.
Nautical A cockleshell.

What do you think of Monkey Meat and the Upbeat Worms?

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