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November 23, 2007


"This is your chance to make your family, the entire party or an entire office cry with laughter."

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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wonder what it does when it's forcefully inserted into the prankster's um.... well, you know.

No thanks, Dave. I'm waiting for the little coolers that make your beer cold.

snork @ Wyo! I'm not a fan of pranksters, myself.

Wait a second. It's called "Stiffy Stuff"?
*falls on floor laughing*


Sounds like as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, Ho hum

Wait a second. It's called "Stiffy Stuff"?
Good catch, auntie. If your drink stays gelled for 4 hours, see a doctor.

Cool; only $8 per coffee... . Not on my budget. I'll just tell them I did it.

That site seems awfully impressed with itself. They keep talking about how "funny" their "gadgets" are.

Mot, I never understood what was so funny about a barrel of monkeys, anyway.

I've heard that when a Dr. wants to write out a prescription for viagra, he has to use the chemical name, mycoxafloppin.

Have you seen some people before their morning coffee? I think it could well be fun as all your co-workers get a day off after the office is labelled a murder scene.

*wipes tears from eyes* Wyo, I've heard that before, but it's always funny.

You know, the more I look through their site, the more I think they should have to pay penalties for excessive use of exclamatory sentences. Like Dave suggested for extra vowels tacked on to things like "Ye olde towne centre".

wonder what it does when it's forcefully inserted into the prankster's um.... well, you know.

Wyo, you too? "So you like gel huh? Well how would you like it if I stuck this gel up your..."

Speaking of holiday shopping (sort of), I would just like to point out that you LAZY folks in the US are taking ANOTHER day off from work, whereas WE over here in FRANCE, have worked the ENTIRE week, even though WE had a major strike (which is happily now mostly over).

And I agree with whoever up there said that anyone putting silly stiffy stuff into someone's coffee would lead to murder. I know HOW I'd REACT if someone put that junk in my extra-large cafe latte! Nobody mess with MY latte!

$3 for one, $40 for five? What a great deal!

(Or did I read it wrong? I have a problem comprehending numbers).

Jemmmy, look at the prices on everything. They make no sense.

Careful with that stuff, Wyo. You don't want to end up needing another refill on the Midixxor.

Someone puts this in MY beer, I may cry, but not with laughter. Oh wait, the laughter starts after I deck them...

I forget if that was originally a magic prop that some genius decided to put in adult diapers, or else an ingrediant in adult diapers that someone decided to use as a magic prop.

Either way, it's overpriced. You can get that stuff way cheaper elsewhere.

fart machine???? how about a nice baked bean casserole for the office... people in the office will eat anything, whatever time of day. FREEE FOOD! Yay!. then just watch [or smell] the fun.

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