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November 24, 2007


Here you go.


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Your NCAA football update: #4 Missouri beat #2 Kansas by the final score of 36-28...which should make Missouri #1 in the polls, since LSU lost yesterday.

Looks like Jack missed his shots at that damned KU quarterback; fortunately Missouri's defense didn't.


If anybody needs me, I'll be pillaging and plundering Lawrence celebrating.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: Just give Chase Daniels the damn Heisman Trophy now.

May I just say, one more time, this has been the WEIRDEST year for college football!

Annie, great job with the snarky commenter. He was probably the genius responsible for this book title.

Wes, "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" these days in the top 2 spots in the BCS. Not a good place to be until after the conference championship games.

Wes, "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" these days in the top 2 spots in the BCS. Not a good place to be until after the conference championship games.

Stupid Bot!

Doc, good point. Especially since Missouri has to play Oklahoma for the Big 12 title, no?

Yes they do Ducky and I doubt the Sooners are going to roll over and play dead for Mizzou.

Doc, if the OU quarterback is healthy, they'll be hard to beat.

Well, Doc, I doubt that Mizzou will roll over and play dead for the Sooners, either.

It will help that Missouri will face Oklahoma (1) on neutral ground - San Antonio - and (2) will have RB Tony Temple available to take some of the pressure off of Daniels for the rematch (Temple was injured and did not play when the Tigers lost at Norman).

Besides, whatever happens next week MU (and KU) are guaranteed a spot in a nice prime-time bowl game.

Fun fact: Local media were reporting today that Texas passed on both Chase Daniels and Todd Reesing because they were supposedly "too short" to play quarterback in a Division I NCAA football program.


Agreed Ducky. Plus Gary Pinkel is traveling in uncharted waters as a head coach for Missouri. Heck, a couple of years ago there was a push by the Missouri alumni to get rid of him if I'm not mistaken. Stoops has been there, done that as a coach. It's going to be a great game either way.

Wes, that just shows you how much football talent we have here in the state of Texas. Our boys are doing well for teams all over the country, especially in the Big 12. ;-P

It's true that UT and other Texas teams tend to go for the taller QB's, although that's no guarantee of success. It worked for us with Vince Young, though.

Doc, you're right. I think it will be a shoot-out. Wish I could be there to root for Mizzou.

I'm tuckered out with all the football-watching over the last two days. Time to flap off to bed.

Nighty-night, y'all! Sweet dreams!

And your local media is correct on the story about UT passing on both quarterbacks. Of course, this is the same coach and program that passed on some kid named LaDamian out of Waco that played running back. I think the Big 12 Championship game is going to be awesome and if I had to pick a side it would be Missouri based on momentum coming into the game.

I'm embarassed to say I was one of the folks yelling for Pinkel's head a couple of years ago, based on the way he handled Brad Smith when he was QB for Missouri. A lot of Tiger fans thought that Pinkel had taken Smith out of his game by trying to turn him into a pocket passer (Smith seemed to be in his element as a scrambling Kordell Stewart/Donovan McNabb type of QB).

Still, you can't complain about what Pinkel has done for MU's program the last couple of years...or what Mangino has done for Kansas, for that matter. They've both proven that Oklahoma and Nebraska aren't the only two powerhouse teams in the Big 12 anymore...although, come to think of it, Nebraska isn't that powerful these days...

Personally, I hope that the NCAA is penciling in "Armageddon at Arrowhead II" for this time next year. By giving up the home game with Missouri, Kansas guaranteed national exposure for both the Jayhawks and Tigers and (from what they were saying on TV) a guaranteed one million dollars for each school from the Chiefs for having the game at Arrowhead instead of Lawrence.

And both KU and MU are almost guaranteed to start off next season as ranked teams. Since it would be Missouri's turn to give up a home game, for that kind of payoff on a national stage...I bet they'd jump at the chance.

They'd be fools if they didn't.

Wes, enjoy the ride. This has been far and away the most entertaining year I can remember in college football in quite some time. In the end, Missouri gets my support since I just can't back the Sooners unless they are playing as the Big 12 champ in a BCS game. Good luck next week to the Tigers!

Amen Wes! It is a million dollar deal. Much to the demise of the shop and bar owners of Lawrence. Black Friday and the game is in KC. I can see where they gripe, but any exposure is good exposure---right??

Thus ended my Gators' 2007 season, as we are too far behind Tennessee and Georgia to make it to the SEC Championship game.

Go Jags!!

Good morning! It's a happy new day in Blogland. Fresh, hot cinnamon rolls on the blog bar.

Morning, all.

Diva: yes, yesterday was my birthday.

*goes to warm up the geezer bus*

bwaaahaaaaa... and yes, i also am familiar with the jewish source catalogue, and i saw those bowling pins, and this same catalogue also has 10 plagues finger puppets, but that would only be for a passover present, in case anyone wants to sit around the seder table with that. i am going to rush out and get those fake tattoos. since jewish law forbids tattooing [yes, it does!] this is a great way to get around that, and bring on coronaries among relatives .. haaa, what a riot. BLAM!

and happy birthday jeff. you share a birthday with my mother. i was just there, in queens, if i'd known, i'd have popped across the bridge on my way back to albany yesterday afternoon...

Happy birthday, Jeff, and the Queens Mother!

(sneaks a cinnabun before running off to the next thread)

YAY to scrooge!!

Back on topic: Did nobody notice the photographer's name? Since it's so appropriate we really shouldn't make fun of it.

I bought the hands soap. My (86 year old) mother who lives on the opposite coast, always points out the stuff that I have given her to her friends and neighbors. HA! Wonder how she will explain them.

I thought you all would be having fun with the BRA(g), which was obviously made for Punkin Poo.

I'm impressed - and depressed - at the list. I'll never get those tattoo sleeves unless I buy them myself...

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