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November 28, 2007


We have a problem.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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*glad not to live in VA anymore*
Shouldn't he have said it smelled foul/fowl?

Yes, Virginia, there is an unsanitary cause.

I thought the headline said VIRGIN motorists.

Can I hear from some of our ferign bloggers? It's gotta be beerthirty somewhere...

we don't have enough snow storms or ice storms here so we opted for the chicken fat this time. next time we'll do the KY Self-Warming lubricant, after that, raw okra.

snork @ Meanie

And thanks to me, too. ;)

"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken."

Somebody really clucked up there.

The cars were doing a schmaltz waltz.

how did a kilometre get into Virginia?

Preparing for Hanukkah a bit early, weren't they, Dave?

Something similar to this happened in Cincinnati years ago - except it was a pork lard truck, in the middle of winter mixed with freezing rain. Local conglomerate Proctor & Gamble sent out barrels of Dawn Liquid Detergent to aid the haz-mat crews and in no time things were back to their usual iced ridden slipperiness. Would have made a great commercial for P&G.

Dang, someone was plannin' on makin' a lot of motzah balls. (Sinkers or floaters?)

hd4mts, Mrs. Layzee was an Army medic stationed in Alaska during the Exxon Valdeez fiasco. She got sent down there to provide medical care to the clean-up crews. P&G did the same thing only they used it to clean the birds. The Missus says it worked great and should have been made into a commercial.

As a professional copy-editor, I have to laugh at the missing comma (before "not to mention") in the first sentence. As the sentence reads currently, it means "at least four car accidents decided not to speak about the stinky mess, but the rest of the car accidents were quite vocal about it."

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