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November 23, 2007


Carry a spare gazelle.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Hmmm...wild cat as anti-depressant.

I'll pass on the gazelle, though.

In Ohio, southern Ohio
The lion leaps to bite

Blog advisory so you know if you should worry:

250 kilograms = 551 pounds.

OK, resume worrying.

"tame .... like great big house cats"

Uh huh. YOU make them use the litterbox, then.

*Black Friday Snork @CJ*

Nice kitty, nice kitty. Heeeelllllppp!!!!

Rule # 80476:Never, ever, drive an Impala TM Thing in Ohio.

Nice catch, jec.

Every big cat expert I've ever heard of will assure you that big cats (and smaller wildcats) are never "tame". Even when they've been raised in captivity from birth and like humans, they're "trained", not "tame".

It's ridiculous for a person to be allowed to raise lions without a permit or at least something that can assure the rest of us that he knows what he's doing and has the proper training to take good care of the lions.

All sorts of bad stuff can happen to the cats if they aren't cared for properly. They're not housecats! (Although I've heard that some of them can be trained to use a large litterbox.)

Sorry about the rant. I don't know this guy; maybe he does a fine job with the lions, but letting one escape is a bad sign.

I've just heard too much about stuff that's happened to wild cats when they've been raised improperly.

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