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November 28, 2007


...to this major appliance.

(Thanks to Gretchen DeJarnett)


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It fall out of a truck or something?

Was he in the carpool lane or the whirlpool lane?

Oh, goodie...simul with Eddie....rah, rah...zzzz

Heavy duty, huh? Wonder if it still works.

"Police said the dryer must have fell off a vehicle or trailer..."

So they don't require reporters to correct grammar any more? hmm.

"a dryer was bouncing on the roadway directly towards his vehicle"

Gives a new meaning to tumble dry.

At least it wasn't a road range.

*snork* @ ArcticAl!


He is lucky. The force of the impact could have sent the car into an out of control spin cycle.

Did they use Bounce™ fabric sheets?

Whirlpool, heavy duty extra large
this is an ad isn't it?

Speaking of mr. heavy duty xl....Jazzzz is here.

hi ya'll

Annie, sshhh...Blurkie will hear you.

Nessie knows how to type? What other tricks have you taught him Jazzzz?

Oh, and *SNORK* at ALL of yall! You are on a roll.

ellie...you're making this too easy

For those of you just joining us, 'Nessie' is Jazzz's custom-made Whirlpool Deflector.

I'm pretty sure my deflector is a Kenmore

ugh! And no delicate cycle....badum!

I know he likes to swim, there are photos.

And who you callin' easy?

; )

I think I'm in over my head....take that any way you like

Jazzzzie, careful with Nessie and the dryer. Shrinkage.

Police said the dryer must have fell off a vehicle or trailer

Now there's some first rate detective work. Not to mention a first rate command of the English language.

layzee- meet funniegrrl @ 5:02.

Thanx LB, for getting us focused. we done fell off topic

Annie started it!

Which, for us, is HARD to do. Especially Jazzz, since his balance is so good. With Nessie and all.

"It was a bizarre and dangerous night..."
This guy is ripping-off Snoopy's essential opening sentence.

All this talk about washers reminds me I have laundry to do.

See you funny folks later!

He's lucky that thing didn't 'clothesline' him.

While watching the tellie, I was caught by a commercial for a Barry Manilow Christmas CD. The star of the commercial-BARRY MANILOW.
Be afraid...Be very afraid.

I saw it, too, iggy....awful... those women drooling over him...ick. It was a Hallmark CD ad -fades to dream-sequence- lots of gray. I'm only warning you so that you don't suffer the same painful plight as our dear iggy.

Oooh, Igloo, I saw that CD for sale in the Hallmark the other day!

My husband suggested I might want to purchase it.

I suggested he might like sleeping on the couch and advised him that Mr. Manilow's initals were "BM" for a reason...

Do you like these dreamy sequins- lots of gray!

No Hallmark® shopping for me. I'll get my cards at the local 7-11. Safer that way.

7-11. When you care enough to drag your butt out of bed to buy a card...

And for when you don't care enough to drag your butt to the store....

igloo - I was starting to feel better today, until you mentioned that. *sigh*

*cough wheeze hack*

Annie, that website is hysterical!

I'll be back. I have a few e-cards to send...

Dropoff laundry service needs some work here.

Ah, life in Bay County. The smell of sugarbeets, the icing over of the drawbridges, and the laundry appliances crashing into your car.

There's no place like home. Which may be why I don't live there any longer.

I loved those cards. 'Reckon that site just went viral.

Oh, and as for that "...must have fell off..." nearly everyone up there talks that way. That's not much of an excuse, but it's true.

Well, they must have just fell off the sugar beet truck, then.

Did y'all notice that ecard site put up a lot of new ones since our last e-card orgy?

Fabulous. Anderson Cooper deserves an Emmy for this debate.

Thanks, Annie WBH - leaves are falling along with my serotonin, too. That was the perfect card for me to send....

ddd - must be time for another orgy, then! :-)


Kathybear - Eleanor introduced me to that site. I think she found out about it from someone on this blog, as ddd suggests, it was on this blog before. Such a refreshing change from the h@llmark holiday ho-ho-hum.

Christmas card: I'm going to regift something special for you.


Ducky - sounds like a perfect MIL card. (I've been reading some hilarious MIL "worst gift" horror stories this week.)

Hey, Diva, how are you feeling?

A friendship(?) card: If I were ever to shoot you, it would just be in the leg.


Ducky - that sounds like a Jack Bauer card! Bwahaha!

I'm kinda the same as yesterday. Need to go back to work tomorrow, though. I'll keep my office door closed so as not to frighten off the students with all the hacking sounds.

It IS a Jack card, Diva. I'm sure he sends it out to all his friends.

Sorry you're still under the weather--hope you feel better soon. Good luck at work tomorrow.

Aaaand, once again, it's late. Time to flap off to bed.

Nighty-night! Sweet dreams!

Morning, all!
*tosses Krispy kremes on the counter and rushes off to get ready for work*

Sorry to rush off, but I have to get ready for work!

Kind of quiet last night- O r did I scare everybody away with my uber-disgusting stories the night before?

*Changes coffee blend from Costa Rica/Kenya to Mocha/Java in order to reach a wider audience.*

DDD, nothing will ever be disgusting enough to deter the bloggers here. In fact "disgusting" is a kind of rallying cry along with s3x, booze and nud1ty.

What, I'm not wide enough for you?

That was not in reference to any sort of stance, BTW.

Meanie, I know your tastes are a little more sophisticated. Mocha/Java is soooo middle of the road, it's the blend that everyone knows.

Mornin'!!! Afternoon, Mot!

Am I interrupting anything, boys?? I'll take whatever cafe you got.

Sooz, I've said it before, you're such a pushover:-)

I'm stickin' with CR coffee, Mot (Britt) We get it shipped to Arkansas cheaper than buying Foldger's™ etc. at the store

always ;-)

Mornin', all! Thanks for the fabulous donuts, DDD.

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