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October 30, 2007


(Via Gizmodo)


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Looks like a easy trip to the emergency room. No thanks.


I also need a cracked skull. I could get both at once!

Yikes! sthnbelle is right, I couldn't even get them on safely, let alone stand upright and move.

And the word of the day is Productivity!

Omigod - SHOES!!!!
*zips out to zappos*

Can ya make 'em go faster?

It would be better if, instead of cable controls it had BlueTooth™.

Or maybe a web interface (that we could hack and then make the wearer do REALLY crazy stunts).

do they come in black patent?

Wow, those would look great with my light up bra and electric leather skirt!

*snork* @ DPChris. I was thinking they sounded fun until you brought that idea up.

Well, in the spirit of productivity, Ellasmom....

HEY! shoes is shoes...

Even if it's shoes that can potentially kill you.

*joins Annie @ ZapatosRUs*

Casey, that's a pic. that needs to be on the Blog Halloween page.

Lemme guess - Batteries not included?

gjd, I could show you a pic, but then I'd have to poke your eyes out. Unless you poke 'em out first.

gjd, here's the site for the bras. My electrical buzzing skirt is patent pending (TM thingy) so it's still top-secret.

somebody do a favor for me since I'm htlmnop impaired?


OMG, Casey, those are great! The scrolling message bra is too funny...just in case you don't know what you're looking at... LOL

*goes back to check sizes and prices*

(rummages in box of old in-line/skateboard stuff for KNEEPADS, ELBOW PADS, WRIST PADS, HELMETS)

I think I'm of an age where I need body armor.

casey's bra linky

I'd rather take my changes with mechanical shoes.

Are these solar-powered batteries? What happens if you ride through a puddle? Will these replace NASCAR?

EG - you going thru the 'change', too?

Body armor for daisymae. Could be fun.

I'm sure somebody has linked this before on a shoes topic but just in case....

NSFW: sound, language, bad taste


What kind of kinky stuff are you into daisymae?

That's one helluva chestchastity belt, there, Annie.

Too bad it didn't come (har) with a warranty.

Sheesh, Baron...the usuals kinks. She's missing the baby oil and feather boa though...which is strictly a matter of taste.


Feather boas have a taste?

Lighted bras, as if guys needed any help finding them. Good Grief.

casey, only on very messy situations (iykwim)(aityd)

Ellasmom - they're mesmerizing and if you move smoothly enough we won't notice that you've slipped out of it, left it hanging on the dresser knobs and left the room.

...or taken your wallet...to pay for the dang batteries. Those things aren't solar-powered, ya know.

Siouxie, I can understand kneepads (hardwood floors), elbow pads (see kneepads), and helmet (headboard, wall, ceiling), but wrist pads??? What are they to protect against?


that. is. all.

Baron I have the answer for that. It's to protect her from cutting her wrists when she is inevitably left high and dry, iykwim.

Oh. Well Sx, you must have better luck than me.

Looks like they left out the testimonials that said "Now I have two cracks in my ass thanks to these..."

Casey, you obviously must be going out with the wrong men is all I can say.

Al, just jivin...seeing if I could get a rise (har!) outta you guys this morning.

Hm, casey - I think if I got that scrolling marquee bra I could get the whole Bears roster on there at one fell swoop.

Judging from the sharp turn this thread has taken, I would say these shoes will drive you straight into the gutter.

I'm so glad I'm innocent and pure and I have had nothing to do with this.

I meant to add that it would be fun at ball games. Sheesh.


I haven't seen the video clips. They take too long to load and I'm not a patient person.

Why is the motor thingy on one skate/shoe only? That could be dangerous is your other foot's lazy and all of the sudden the skate takes OFF. MAJOR split!



That visual made me LOLer!!!

casey, me too. I don't know why we hang (heh!) with these pervs.

that's why it's important to do your daily flexibility exercises Siouxie. you know the ones, the ones that go with the knee pads, elbow pads and the wrist guards.

wicked, Pilates for flexibility is one thing...but think of the "rug" burn!!


(case, I was rolling while thinking about it too LOL)


*snorksnorksnork* at siouxie and casey!

It never ceases to amaze me, what happens to this group when we are left too long unattended without a new post.

need em in patent leather pink... look out for that....................wall. ow.

Pervs, Siouxie? Pervs??!!?

I resemble that remark.

*digs around in junk drawer, emerges triumphant*

Ok, I have my skate key, anybody need adjusting?

mm, now we know that you belong in the geezer class with the rest of us.

You want to make sure that they fit properly mm. Can you adjust mine?

That's why kegels are not just for breakfast anymore.

Oh, definitely in the geezer bus with everyone else.

Al, those are ice skates. Just what were you needing to have adjusted?

didn't this guy have a pair of these?

You know, I think he did, CG. I wonder it iShoes blow up, too.

uh-oh better look real close to see if there's a tiny "ACME" on the side, According to OtheU there's a catalog out with instant tunnel paint, and anvils and stuff...

Give new meaning and more sport to the phrase, "Walk the plank!"

I don't know blinking breastesses why, but I'm finding nipplights it difficult to concentrate on the talk about flashing! topic at hand (as it were).

*blink blink*


*SMACKS Meanie*



Hey, who turned out the lights?!

Whut? I was thinkin' 'bout them cool scooter shoes or whutever...

Tell you what Al, if you want to bring your skate over here, I'll make sure it's adjusted to the correct length...
*grins evilly*

Why mm I thought you'd never ask...

skips off singing, i've got a brand new pair of rocket shoes....

Personally, I think I'd have a harder time controlling these than roller skates and the last time I had a pair of those on my feet, I wound up on my butt - or, more accurately, my elbow - with a spectacular bruise that took four days to surface. A theatre friend had a serious conniption fit when she saw it because she wanted to photograph it for stage makeup. :-\

lmao, cg! I've had that song in my head too!


at least roller skates have a toe stop for pete's sake. How do you stop these babies? I'm not feeling real comfortable with brakes. Give me regular roller skates, you could get a half decent fitted pair for that money. (Ladies - builds nice shapely leg muscles)

...i've gotta brand new pair of roller...CG!!! dern you!!

I'm on my rocket skates to h3ll!

You got a brand new key...

*humms along*

Yeah, dern you, cg!

You all have "Roller Skates" in your brain, I have Weird Al's "Nature Trail to Hell - in 3D!" WTF is wrong with me?

Please don't all answer at once.

*SMACKS Meanie...again*

Course, if that song were to be written today, they wouldn't be writing about roller skates and keys iykwim.

*I think that we should get together and try them out to see...*

*SMACKS self*

*smacks Siouxie*
I always thought they were alluding to that.
*smacks blurkie just because*


Sorry. I thought you liked that. At least, that's what I'd heard.

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