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October 26, 2007


VIa Gizmodo)


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Oh, great. PLEASE don't tell my neighbors about this!!!!

Yikes is right!

That can be legal, any where, if shooting the driver and all of the passengers is also legal. Otherwise, that jerk better find some head phones.

I think one like this used to live across the street from me. The pictures used to fall off my living room walls when they left it running, for hours, in their yard two houses away...

All I can say is "Can you hear me now?"

Well, the good news is, he won't suffer any ill effects when he uses Viagra™ down the road.

Why am I always stopped next to this person at traffic lights?

Wow...its like you get a massage while listening to music

The kids that hang out at our local Bubble Tea shop will sometimes sit out in the parking lot and play "music" on their car stereos. The trunks of some of their cars look like the speaker section at a home electronics store.

Thankfully, a police cruiser now sits at the corner of the lot pretending to look for speeders on the main road.

We go to the Thai restaurant next door, and now we can listen to their musical selection instead. (Unfortunately, it's usually a Muzak version of 80's pop with an emphasis on Journey's greatest hits.)

my boss will want this. when he has to listen to rap at a billion decibels in traffic, he turns his stereo up to the max and blasts opera back at them. he'll just love this.

I'm guessing he lives in the basement of his mother's house.


oh and SNORK @ Jenn.

ww - I do the exact same thing. I love being passive-aggressive. :)

Diva - he probably had to develop this system after that nasty Viagra adverse effect ;D

I usually go with the Ride of the Valkyries for such occasions.

Of course, I'm usually fantasizing about installing sound-activated grenade launchers on street corners at the same time...

Annie, I'm guessing "Mommie" lives in the attic....

*hides the knives*

Clean, you KNOW my music!!!

It could be worse.

We could be listening to this


And to think I waved at you this morning, Tex. *shakes head*

Why do people with such loud stereos have such horrible taste in music? If I had this system, I would seriously be playing Steve Miller Band or Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I personally have wondered why we haven't figured out how to use these stereos as weapons.

Bird. Because it's not about the music at all.

I suppose it's like some dog marking it's territory.

Snoop Dogg.

Tex, I think you may have hit on something there.

Try living in a edgy mixed-race neighborhood full of males in their teens and 20s. Like me. My windowpanes hum in sympathetic vibration whenever any of them drive down the street.

A lot of these kids are Hispanic, so while a lot of them play hip-hop, some of them play Latin music. Last weekend one guy was parked on the corner hanging with his homies and had the stereo and bass cranked. Of course, the fact that the song was "You're the One That I Want" from Grease ... in Spanish ... with Tejano accordion as part of the instrumental ... was amusing. I wanted to go tell him, "Dude. Not NEARLY as cool as you seem to think."

I've always wanted to blast the 'Wiggles', but not quite like this.

So, will universal healthcare be slated to cover the neurological and hearing disorders that are self-inflicted by these bozos 20 years from now?

When guys like that pull up next to me at a stoplight, I roll down my windows and blast classical music. That usually gets a laugh and they turn down their radio...

What 20 years, Katie? They're having problems now.

Perhaps polite society will be fortunate enuf that -- when he goes to the gas station -- the car will succumb to the internal forces, and roll downhill into oblivion ... merely ... dreamin' ..

I was behind a car the other day that had a bumper sticker that said, "If it's too loud, you're too old."

I was tempted to vaccinate him against ever having that problem.

what a maroon. but he wont be able to hear me in a couple yrs anyway. he better learn to sign.

I'm willing to bet that would more than cause a little extra wear and tear to your car, as well as your innards.

*hands pogo one of Nurse Tammy's LARGE-bore needles*

Go for it.

I wonder if it improves gas mileage? It seems like the vibrations would push you down the road faster....

Thanks Diva. I'll save it for next time.

I've also thought about carrying a baseball bat and "repairing" their stereos.

AD - Unsolicited tech info.

The effect of the vibes is null - for every outstroke of the speaker cone there is a back stroke, so there's no gain.

But all the electrical power required to supply the amps means the alternator has to work harder, so it's harder to turn, the engine has to work harder, and burns MORE gas. (It may also shorten the life of the alternator.)

Get ready men,

Aim the Stereos

Crank it To 12

Play Mannilow.

Soldier: They surrendered sir!

Thanks, Pogo.... good to know.

And it may also shorten the life of the driver. At least in my neighborhood... :)

sheesh - I had the same thought as Alfred. Without the typos, of course. ;)
It's a small world after all.

The young often fail to consider the downstream consequences of their actions. Burnt out alternators, impaired hearing, annoyed people.

From the perspective of age, I weigh the consequences of my actions, and then pretty much do what I damn well please anyway.

CH, I can sympathize with the grenade desire. The guys frat house across the street seem to the best time for a lousy Rock Concert is at 2:00 AM.

And Young and irresponsible as I may be, I DO NOT play music at 90 decibels. So if you would all quit looking in my direction...

That's a good idea, Alfred.

Didn't the USofA's army do that to a tin-pot dick tator down in Panamania a while back? BTW: this guy makes me feel so much better about myself.

ScottMGS- Why yes, That does work.

I have often wondered if a person could fight a fire with sonic waves.

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