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October 23, 2007


Pigeon Poop

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Because everyone should know that events in theaters are improved with bat guano.

"The Snow Queen at the Hippodrome"...sounds like a drag show to me.

Oh - and *snork* @ "plopera", tee hee....

$34.45 per seat to watch ballet and get crapped on.... what's not to like?

Hey waiter! What's this plie doing in my poop?

Bristol Hippodrome

What do they expect when they go to a zoo to watch ballet??

Some people would call that performance "art" and charge triple the price.

what, the, oh, pigeon poop. sorry, i got distracted by the page 3 idol contest article, off to the side.

heehee Nookee! Yeah, I think this is the tabloid that my co-worker brings back when she visits London. It has a photo of a naked lady on the inside page. Gives the men summat interestin' to eyeball...err, read on the train.

Perhaps Squirrels are outsourcing and have sub-contracted pigeons, who can deal with situations requiring hang-time and wireless hovering.

I did not mean to capitalize the S in squirrels.


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