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October 26, 2007


(Thanks to CJRun, a professional scientist whose scientific observation is, quote, "Let the puppies BREATHE!")


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*flings bra @ CJ*

crosses breast cancer from lists of things to fret over.

Tossing panties at nasty governments. Tossing bras at nasty very nice blogs.

On the flip side, you get skin cancer. Gee, thanks Wake Forest for that helpful research.

AWBH - You won't get cancer on the flip side unless you turn over.

"The scientists used a portable rectumeter...".
What utter nonsense. How in the world could you measure exposure to sunlight with a rectume...What? It's spelled how? R-E-F_l-E-C-T-O-M-E-T-E-R!
Never mind.

That is wonderful! I was so gland to read this.

Jeez, Annie, can't you take a little pink ribbin'?

As one who has survived 5 years and 16 days after having a lumpectomy to remove my breast cancer, I have decided to show my girls thanks to the world!

*hopes the sun reflecting off my gorgeous globes does not increase global warming - or blind CJ, who keeps staring directly at them*

I'm not staring at them, I'm lighting them with the reflection off my forehead!

I probably should avoid this thread.


*begrudging underwire snork*@ cj. Turn that thing down, Rudolph.

But did anyone notice the related story?

Related Stories
Exposure To Sunlight May Decrease Risk Of Prostate Cancer (Jun. 24, 2005)

A flash a day keeps the doctor away!

LOL Lizzy!


Punkin, your globes are real and they're spectacular!

Thanks, obs... I knew I preferred beach volleyball to sandwich boards for a reason!

Breast wishes to all of you!

Punkin, congrats on the 5 year milestone!!!

"Let the puppies BREATHE" ... tnx, muchly CJ' fer puttin' the concept in strictly scientific phraseology, so there's no confusion ...

(Yeah, Punkin' ... WTG ... I've got a "Real Men Wear Pink" shirt I wear becuz of several people close to me ... I'm proud to add you -- and the girls -- to the list ... if that's OK with the girls ...)

Um, the article just says that the whole, normally-clad woman needs to be exposed to sunlight -- and not that they used topless women as test cases.

(Yeah, I'm sure you all already figured that out.)

Inthe USofA you have the right to bear arms; in Ontario, we have the right to bare breasts.

We naturists (aka nudists) have been touting the benefits of exposure for years. It's funny watching everyone else catch up.

Punkin, highly reflective surfaces actually fight global warming by increasing the earth's libido albedo.

Ok ok ..so I came back and saw it and laughed!!

HAPPY?????????????? ;-P

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