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October 26, 2007


Guys can focus on the task at hand.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I love men. They are like cute fuzzy little baby ducks. Just so cute and dumb.

What a maroon!

At least the cops were right there... must be one of the gas stations that has donuts.

4 Wheel drive SUV plus inability to put car in park plus inability to use parking break equals a call to the insurance company to explain yourself.

Giant Snork @ Dave.

It's okay. It's a rental.

Casey: I take offense to that. I am NOT cute.

And THEY say women are dingbats...

let yee who has never had their car roll away on them cast the first stone.

I once took a 1983 Ford LTD (biggest car ever)to a mechanic and complained that the transmission is slipping. Specificly when the car is in park. The transmission slips into neutral and rolls away.

Later that day I got a call from the mechanic. Apparently after looking at the transmission and confirming that yes the park gear slips into neutral, he parked the car on a hill without using the emergency break and the car rolled down the street and caused a three car collision.

My favorite moment is when he looks up, sees what's going on, and then CONTINUES pumping gas. Now that's commitment.


I love how A) it takes him so long to realize his car has rolled off, especially since he turned TOWARDS the crashing noise and then turned BACK and kept pumping gas B) he flings the nozzle on the ground and then turns around, picks it back up and puts it in the holder before going to check on his car.

---- unfunny warning / comment ----

an old friend of mine from high scholl become one of those stories you hear about every 6 months or so...

She pulled into a parking garage a little to far from the ticket machine and opened her door to retrieve the ticket and when the car began to roll somehow became trapped / crushed between the car and the parking ticket device.

as stupid as it sounds, always use your parking break when getting in/out of a car.

---- end unfunny waringing / comment ----

heck nothing I say here is ever funny anyway.

Orcel, was she OK? Even if she wasn't, just say she was.

I confess, I neglected to put my mother's car in park when I was 17. It rolled through the parking lot, across the road and up against a fence. No one was hurt amazingly! But hey, I am a rocket scientist (and blond) so I have an excuse!

Let me guess, that gallon of gas cost him about $252.73 9/10, including the towing fee, of course.

He was busy thinking about how he could beat that next level of the video game he'd been previously busy playing.

Edgar - sorry I ought to have been more specific, she did not survive.

damn...sorry orcel. what a horrible thing to happen.

Great video, combines two of my favorite generic guy moments: the belated "comes the dawn" moment and the "It's ok, I meant to do that, I do that all the time" moment.

Oh, orcel. What a terrible, awful thing. I'm so sorry.

It could be worse.

We could be listening to this

orcel - Ford™ wuz famous for havin' those "killer" transmissions back in the mid-to-late '70s and early '80s ... most everybuddy I know (with Ford™s) had a similar story ... a distant cousin got trapped and died becuz of this "better idea" of FoMoCo ... their fix? They sent everyone a dashboard sticket to help remind 'em to NOT TRUST "park" and use the parking brake ... sorry this is not funny ...

This video merely made me wonder whut part of the Law of Gravity the guy din't comprehend ...

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