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October 29, 2007


Just following orders.

(Thanks to sthnbelle)


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Viva Las Vegas!

yep, just doing your job, absolutely. yummy.

Finally! Thx, Judi.

Okay, I can't get past the whole laughing part.

My response

So much for my Halloween costume.

YAY sbelle!!

YAY judi!!

YAY semi-nakkid men with white @sses!!!

um...they should at least tan their asses...

"We pride ourselves on selling the sexiest, hottest, tight[est]-fitting ... manslings."

Boy, I bet those are flying off the shelves!

CJ- Wow, thats amazing, you wanted to be Sexy Lincoln?

I'm with you, Wench Lizzy. Esp. the white butts. And that confusing thing w/ all the black straps. I don't like unders that need directions.

I'd get each of the blog boys one of those strappy sling thong thingies so we could *SNAP* 'em when they get out of line...hehe

i. am. evil.

the strappy thing is a bit alarming. I'm pretty sure only us gals are supposed to wear anything "strappy" (NTTAWWT).

That is a wonderful idea, Siouxie. :-D They'll make wonderful stocking stuffers at the Blog Christmas Party. (Hope that I didn't offend anyone by not saying "winter holiday party")

Happy Quanzicahamas!

Snork @ Wench Lizzy

It's a sad day when a mere 'snork' gets stopped by the Bot!

Sio, I get nervous when whip-bearers talk about tanning white butts.

I would just like to say that I am really glad the "Blue Streak" is not named the "Brown Streak."

My computer ate my post, so I will try again.

LOL! WL, I wonder if Hallmark makes a card that says that.

Daisymae, the BOT is in cahoots with the squirrels. I'm sure of it.

OK. Y'all wanna know how completely STUPID I am? I kept clicking the word "orders". I was TOTALLY confused cuz I kept being redirected. I did it several times and decided the SB was playing some weird joke or that the interwebs were misbehaving. This is what I posted on other thread:


Hmmm. I haven't been drinking. I'm clicking "orders". My eyesight is fine. Why am I seeing yesterday's travel advisory? I'm so disappointed. I want naked me, dangit!

Posted by: casey | 08:00 PM on October 29, 2007


I'm going to bed now. Apparently I need some rest. A WHOLE LOT OF REST.

Dang, judi.... My eyeballz are going to fall out in a minute... That "freshman suit" was.. "interesting" maybe is a good word...

Yup, straight guys everywhere are clamoring to buy those. Yup. Right.

Layzeeboy INS speakum truth. Nowhere outside of West Hollywood, the Castro District or Greenwich Village would you find any of these garments on a guy. If you did, there would be plenty WWT.

Isn't it true that Dick Cheney owns at least a dozen?

No, mesmo. You're (not your) confusing your (not yore) Chaney with your (not Yar!) Craig. An easy mistake to make.

Because Chaney's a better shot, I forgot to add.

(Could be that I also forgot to spell. Can I just substitute "VP"? Thanks.)

However did I forget that site?

I found it last week...because...hmmm. I was told to. The subject of the afternoon show here was, and I'm not making this up, man-thongs. I did a search and that site came up.

I'm sorry, judi. I should have remembered to send this one to you.

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