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October 30, 2007


(Thanks to scmommy and Steve Bradford)


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Squirrels. They're not just for breakfast anymore.

Quote -The Environmental Protection Agency said a blender used to process the squirrel's tissue samples was defective - and that the lead believed to be in the squirrel actually came from a part of the blender.

Personally I use a Cuisinart food processer set on puree.

I think I'll pass...



The only reason it had lead in it was because Dave SHOT the durn thing.

They're also good cooked on a stick over a camp fire and eaten in a hot dog bun with musturd.

(Hat trick?)

Boy, just in time for lunch. Thanks, Dave!!

This blog really is a great weight loss method.

Marvelous lunch time reading.

I think I'll excuse myself now.

at first I read that as ringworm (NJ), another good reason not to eat them...

they found lead in a dead squirrel

Yep - #8 pellets.

hehe Chris...that's lead poisoning fur shur!!!

Squirrel in a blender... tasty!!! 'nuff said.

Squirrel Melts for everyone!

On a slightly serious note, why is eating squirrel "Ewww"? Maybe it's my slightly rural upbringing, but that's never seemed even remotely disgusting to me. Are they too cute to be considered edible? After all, the majority of traditional food animals have some sort of unpleasant appearance/smell/characteristics. I'm not trying to be a troll, I'm just trying to understand another person's POV.

I agree SN. Squirrel and Dumplings are great, as is grilled squirrel, and squirrel jerky.

They always seemed like rats with longer tails to me.... Hence the ewww....

And I realize some people probably consider rats a delicacy, but I'm not that brave.

HAHAHAHA, the first thing that came to mind is Bass-O-Matic!

SN, I just won't eat anything that resembles (like AD said) a rat. I think it's how and where you were raised. Cubans don't eat squirrel. We'll eat pig's feet, ox-tail , cow brain and God knows how many other gross sounding stuff. But not squirrel. Go figure! :-)

"feds thought they found lead in a dead squirrel. Officials now say it was a false alarm."
We were ready to start nuking Beijing; those dang Chinese will do ANYTHING to bring lead into this country! Better yet, call PETA
Another worldwide crisis averted!

SN, for me it wasn't so much the idea of eating a squirrel (b/c, heaven knows, I have seen much nastier stuff in my local southern grocery store), but rather it was the whole "squirrel in a blender" image.

Ok, as long as you're all being nice enough to humor me, what about something like emu? Or rabbit?
I have a minor theory(just in my own head) that we anthropomorphize animals, so since squirrels/rabbits/dogs, etc. are more human-like than chickens/cows/pigs, they are less "edible". Is there really any common food animal that has paws? I can only think of hooves and claws.

I'm sorry this isn't funny, but it's really interesting to me to learn a bit about how different people think.

Booger! :)

SN - I think it has more to do with whether the animal in question has ever been the star of a movie or TV show. Plus, there's the "pet factor". If you've named the animal anything other than "Bacon", you are going to have problems when it comes time to grill "Fluffy".

Okay, so they're unleaded squirrels. But they're still from a toxic waste dump area - WTFBBQ?

*Yum - squirrels in arsenic aspic*

I know when I blend up squirrels, I've never worried about lead. But my blender was not made in China.

I'm with Souixie on this issue ~ Hispanics also eat cow stomach, lovingly referred to as "menudo", but squirrel is not one of the delicacies we consume that I know of. My Uncle calls menudo "gut soup" just to gross out the caucasian members of our family ...

Huh. All this time I thought Menudo was a silly boy band.

Imagine OUR disappointment to discover our favorite soup was being marketed as a silly little boy's band. And they don't even play instruments.

Hopeless...don't feel you NEED to be funny here. Most of us aren't. Join in!!!

I, for one, do NOT like menudo (soup or boy band).

Don't forget to boil the nuts.

We have the cousin to Menudo here in Philly-Pepper pot soup. Tripe & LOTS of pepper. Campbell's still makes it. M-M-M-M Good.

Thanks, Siouxie - I am, decidedly, unfunny. Admire all of you witty repartee - ers ! I have snorked steadily now for at least 2 or 3 years, behind the blurker curtain.
Menudo is one of my favorite comfort foods - like home-made flour tortillas and tamales - only Mom makes 'em the best ! The boy band, not so much. Am going to try to take my personal crap-cam to the Irvine soiree and see if I can find the blue shirt of the day - will post if successful !

And anyone who went through the Depression without wealthy family tells the old joke-"What's for dinner,Mom?" "Stew" "What kind of stew?" "Stew" ...it was whatever was caught...squirrel, groundhog, rabbit, etc.

My Dad's father trained the hunting dogs at a rich man's mansion during the Depression, so he'd come home with sometimes pheasant,goose,venison, ...sometimes "critter".

Always wanted to try the Philly pepper pot - that actually sounds good.
Never saw the Campbell's version at my local supermarket, but I will now keep an extra eagle eye out for it !
Sounds like it calls for a crunchy/soft french bread dipper to go with ... MM - MMMMMMM ...

My ex wife's Mom was jealous when my Dad told the story, because they had meatless months in the winter, living in the mountains of Carolina, where they couldn't even catch 'critters' to eat. Months and months of potatoes.

Food tastes begin with cultural and financial upbringings, I guess I am saying. And carry on from there. I like rabbit, venison, and exotic jerkey. I also like caviar, lobster, kobe steak, etc.

I agree, Wayne. My ex-hubby's parents were fresh from Germany after WWII, and their Christmas delicacy, that they worked all year to get, was smoked eel. Giant ... long ... black ... smoked eel, with the heads still on. Culture shock for little brown me. Never could bring myself to eat them.
Our family, we had a mixture - our big project was the home-made tamales, of course, but we also put on a giant spread of roast beef, ham, asparagus, and as my spanish speaking Grandma always said, "es"calloped potatoes. Lots of other stuff as well, but we were decidedly multi-cultural.

Last about this, since everyone seems to have moved on- Campbells sells Pepper Pot here (Philly reigon) as a "Special Selection" made in Canada (WHUT?) It's available on Amazon and other such sites.

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