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October 05, 2007


What we hate is when people send us impossible productivity enhancers with comments such as "My personal best is 111.197 m" when we very rapidly determine that our personal best (after a frustratingly large number of tries because he seemed so enthusiastic about it) is 6.32 m.

(Gee thanks to Vol)


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my one attempt 2.4

I'm retiring with a personal best of 8.057. Don't ask!

9.736 is the best I can do. There's no hitting that window...

9.73 mm. I quit. Hey, that was easier than cigarettes.

Not bad. I got 2.034 parsecs.

WOOHOO! I made it out the window!

Still, it only went 15.033 m.

9.818, and then I hit the wall. Good job, Atticusser!

My best hit the dang ceiling fan. Dang ceiling fan.

So far my personal best is 36.549! :)

I'm getting good at this. New record is 49.368 m. Though the record for consecutive minutes enhancing productivity is still a long way off. I should probably have started on wednesday.

And I put my own eye out with it, too!

Whoo! THREE loop-de-loops and a new personal best of 56.738!!

66 and change after about 100 tries! Ack! Mouse-hand cramp!

84.832 after about 6 tries!

neener neener


Any tips?
This is getting painful

HEY! I sent this last friday! You have either brazenly credited the wrong person, or are astonishingly behind in your emails! Personal best 113.47.
Thank you

it's just not as much fun as whacking penguins

YAY! I finally got blogged. FYI, I just set a new personal best . . . . 111.551. Best angle is to start throw at dark gray line near the top of the screen, and then try to aim towards the right edge of the screen in the gray bar where the carpet meets the floor. Time it right & the plane goes down, but then sails back upward out the window for massive distance.

I'm trying to upload a screenshot to my webpage, but it's not accepting an FTP connection at the moment.


Great, so much for getting anything done this afternoon. Dangit!

Vol - Where the carpet meets the floor? Isn't that everywhere?

Where the carpet meets the WALL. My fingers outran my brain. Sorry about that.

Got to 69.013!

Hey, Doc! Did you watch my boys lose last night? :-( (damned goat)

WOOHOO! Made it out the window. 37.078m...whatever the heck *m* stands for. *yes I know it meters, but I refuse to acknowledge metrics. I am a U.S. Texan after all.*

Yes Diva, and you might want to break out the prayer beads, a Budhist monk, and a shaman or twelve. Looks like the Cubbies are headed for an early exit.


Whooo!!! 82.305!

Well, I'm up to 80.32 m but I have to go home soon. There's just not enough time in a work week I tell ya.

OK, that made me angry.
I'm done with that one.
I can make a paper airplane and throw it off of a bridge from inside my car if i want to have fun.

The only Buddhist monk I'm breaking out has a banana and eggs.

And I think I've just had a sign - the game productivity enhancer just passed my plane through the wall instead of breaking it to give me my new best of 92.52. So....it's an omen!!

BTW - Today is Mr Poo's 50th birthday.

I'm having trouble imagining having sex with a 50 yr old. (Especially since, in my mind, I'm still 18! Oh how naughty!!)

TMI? Sorry, that plane has scrambled my brain.

Just so you guys all know- there is a non-intuitive angle at which the air plane can be thrown to achieve some sort of cheat that the programer designed. The plane goes out the window, over a volcano, past a pack of wild horses. you end up with a score that reads 2,000+ m.

Thought I would tell you so you can all keep trying to be the best.


I figured there had to be some sort of cheat. I saw a screenshot from a guy who's rank was #6, and his distance was over 10,000 m! I know of one that I'm trying to post if my FTP software would ever work. Even using it, I'm still in the 100-110 range.

Basically you take the plane off the left edge of the screen, then move the cursor around to the other side STAYING OUTSIDE OF THE GAME WINDOW. Come back in from the right side of the screen & walla.

Thats IT! I QUIT! Stupid annoying, addictive piece of pretend paper game. This would be a "WWJB do?" moment. Jack Bauer would have tried it once, crashed into the fan, then shot the monitor and CPU then tracked down the programmers responsible and shot them in their collective thighs.

Boy, danged if you ain't kiddin'!

And walla, you will find yourself annoyed at crashing yet again! I shall try again, anyway!

Doc - have I told you how much I love you? Hee hee!! ;-)

Using your technique, Vol, I now have achieved 106.937m!

What Doc Rick said. Yes.

114.644!! Google "paper airplane game cheat" & look for YouTube videos. I'd still like to know how to do the one Tom mentioned above where it goes several THOUSAND meters.

Gotta go for now. My last one only went for 40m, but it did do the loop-the-loop mentioned in the menu. It went out the window at a fairly sharp upward angle, and then the (smokestack?) flipped it on over.

Gosh I'm such a geek.

Up to 3 loop-de-loops and 94.something meters, but now I can't even get the dang thing out the window. hat's up with that? This thing is seriously addictive, Thanks, judi

I kept losing my cursor on that one. So, I followed the link at the bottom of the page (http://www.xboxpaperplane.com.au/) to another version and just got 132.867m. As a bonus, the other one is all Halo-themed and stuff.

I got tired of it for the moment, so I went to enhance myself on Boomshine for a few minutes. Much more relaxing music.

When I was a kid, my uncle took me to the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building. He made excellent paper planes, and let me launch one from there. It stayed up incredibly, made it all the way to the Hudson River, and finally dropped into a smokestack of a docked ocean liner.


Oh, and 80.564.

try this for "honest" throws that are good: pull the plane back to the back border 2/3 of the way up, let go of the mouse, move the cursor to the other side of the screen about 1/3 of the way up and move it back onto the game panel, you threw it really fast by moving the mouse past the line "instantly." The same trick worked in the old "slap the monkey" flash game.

So, did anyone win the Lear Jet yet? You still have to buy gas for it, so good luck with that!

Judi - Please print Vol's home address so that we the angry mob of bloggers can go beat him to death with rocks and cuts of meat thank him.

This is almost as bad as the bubble wrap popping page that was sent in this past summer. Needless to say by *almost* I mean I have it bookmarked and pop the little bastards all the time. Who says the internet can't relive stress.

PJ, I tried your suggestion, and after a few tries got 106.099! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

or relieve...either way.

Woo-hoo! I'm in the top 27,500 worldwide! I think I need a new mouse.

I prefer games where you get to shoot stuff!

A better stress reliever/reliver for Doc Soccer.


hmmm i can't get it to go off-screen

Ok Annie. Go figure that a plague of insects has befallen A-Rod in a key situation.

Me either, Betsi. Guess I need to use my mouse instead of the mousepad on my laptop.

By the way, we know were Sandusky's gnat problems have moved off to. Geez Cleveland, spray or something.

53.436 my first try.

It just told me that 107, 468,907 planes have been thrown.

I didn't need to know that.

Doc - Avon SkinSoSoft - best repellant ever. Cleveland is a hole. Those are gadflies - ugh! Mentkiewicz just ate one.

i'm not using a laptop tho...odd



It's all about getting out the window. With no cheats, but with following the tip the game gives (to aim slightly downward,) I finally got out the window on about my fifteenth try -- and went 69-something. Then I used the cheat someone mentions here, and again took about 15 tries to get it out the window -- then it went like 103-something. (And I am a non-gifted-in-video-games-female type.)

It's all about getting out the window. With no cheats, but with following the tip the game gives (to aim slightly downward,) I finally got out the window on about my fifteenth try -- and went 69-something. Then I used the cheat someone mentions here, and again took about 15 tries to get it out the window -- then it went like 103-something. (And I am a non-gifted-in-video-games-female type.)

5.743 m after 10 tries. pphhht.

63.6m... not gonna say how many tries it took ;)

Ceiling fan after three tries.


108.88 FTW

My best: 5.625

I didn't even see a window. *sigh*

Doc, I love the bubble wrap thingy. Very good therapy.

Yankees tied in 11th inning with bugs AKA Chinese Soldiers!!!

108.88 FTW

Come ON, Yankeeeeeees!!!!!

What to due? Watch the Yanks and the invasion of face bugs. Or Get the d@mn plane out the window? What a choice.
Eleanor. Is the blog sueable. Carpal tunnel thingy. Mouse is toast from flinging it?
Maybe attractive nuisance?
Hard to believe these two power houses are at 1 each after 10.

Screw that game! It sucks!!!


Whew! That was a very close thing, nearly an onslaught of Yankee smug!

igloo, get an Ace Bandage. I'm too depressed to file a lawsuit. :(

El, I'm in the same boat. My Cubbies are down two games, too. *sobs in her beer*

Wow, guess the bugs prevailed. Oh well, not to worry Annie as you have Roger Dodger and his 1 million dollar-a-game groin ready to roll for game 3 in the Bronx. And I am not even trying to be smug for a change. Not good times in Yankee land.

46.227 and a few loops...throw a high hard one right before the line!

Rockies up 2 games. still in shock.

Don't be Wyo. Sign of things to come. The Rocks have "it" this year.

perhaps they should see a Dr. and get rid of "It."

(With apologies to Steve Martin.)

Thank you for not being smug about this, Doc.

It's just too sad for words. :(

Hah! I finally went through the window and made 65.167 m. I guess tha makes me king of the time wasters!

Like I was just telling Diva about the Cubs...have faith. Things the last few years have never stuck to script. Roger and his gimpy groin could roll out and go 9 scoreless and it wouldn't shock me. It ain't over till the really bad TBS announcer says it is.


Yeah, I totally made that up.

Well, ManRam has decided to give a rats ass for the Red Sox. This Angels/Red Sox series is going to be interesting. If only because it's the only one where both teams have won a game so far. *Doc Rick, master of the obvious!*

I'm not a baseball fan, but I am a number-cruncher. I believe the Cubs can drop games on the road and still win at home, getting them through this series. Near as I can see, the Cubs didn't play today so yesterday's math is still valid.

Unless Annie is keeping score....

Come on Doc... that was a beautiful 3 run homer!

Actually I have to say both games tonight were great, edge of the seat games... well played by all teams.

*stumbles in, feathers drooping*

Mumble, mumble...way too early to be up on a Saturday...

*starts coffee, sets out croissants, fresh fruit, and lots of bacon*

*flaps away to take boyduckling to airport, wondering why he doesn't just use his own wingpower*

Thanks, Ducky.

(sips coffee, munches fruit & bacon*)

(resists urge to go throw the plane one more time)

Morning all!

*sips cofee*

Great games last night, eh????? Where's Annie so I can gloat cheer her up?

adds "F" to her coffee....mmmmm...tastes much better

*snags some cofffee with extra f*
those planes make an engrossing productivity enhancer, but not so good to make fun of. My naturally nasty nature is feeling deprived.

zips in*™

Thanks for putting out bacon, JD. It's the only thing that could make me feel even a smidgen better.

Don't gloat, Punkin. Not fair to hit someone when they're down. :(

113.713. It's not cheating if you figure out the cheat on your own, right?

.si ti ,seY

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