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October 25, 2007


(Thanks to Kaurie MacElroy)


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Tell the other candidates to get their own television shows....


Whoa! Two firsts in a row!!! I am in the zone....

(Or it could just be that everyone else has evacuated the area)

Dave, I think your candidacy is safe. So far.

Hmm... I think I see Dave's first scandal.

*Waves @ Hammieeee!!!!* Sorry - I'm lagging behind today. :-)

AD - did you fart or something?

*ignores Hammie*

<-----I WAVED earlier...pffffft!

Hey - you even mooned him, didn't you, Siouxie? So that should be enough to make him Happy Hammie all day. :)

Does anyone know when the Barry-Colbert debate is scheduled?

I hear Stephen King is the moderator, Meanie. Don't wanna miss that!

um..btw...sorry for having smacked ya earlier...it was all out of love.

I got smacked? I HATE when I miss the good stuff!

<-----check on the "fires" thread.

I like the idea of Dave Barry at any of the Presidential debates.

Ah. *spits out two teeth* Gotcha.

DD, don't you know ladies don't fart!

We accessorize....

AD - who said I was a lady? ;-)

*Waves @ DD!!!!!!!*

*Waves belatedly @ Siouxie!!!!!*

/ignore mode

mucho better, Hammoncito!

Dave, I think you might be in trouble here. The Miami Herald hosts and promotes this blog, right? And, it's owned by a wealthy corporation? And, this blog is linked to your presidential juggernaut?

Ergo, herewith and thereupon, it would appear that you have taken "valuable" corporate contributions and/or expenditures to your presidential campaign.

The best you can hope for, at this point, is to have Colbert as your cell mate. I'll send Cheez-Its.

By the time they bring charges, Dave will be president, and he can pardon himself. He's only in trouble if he loses, but that's not possible.

Not to mention, he'll be in Tahiti. I'm sure bribery is not only legal, but encouraged.

I see no problem. All The Blog has to do is offer equal time for the other candidates to post. This should raise the humor-quotient. Ron Paul, alone, should be side-splitting. Plus I've heard Hillary laugh, so she must know some good ones! I can 'hear' her now: "Patrick Fitzgerald walks into a bar. The bartender asked, 'Why the strong case?'"

Stephen Colbert illustrating how much free time our congress has had on their hands to come up with such complicated and idiotic campaign laws.

Hmm, he's running in the Republican primary? I thought he loathed everything Republican. I guess it must still be part of his overall satire.

*snork* @ CJ! (sorry, it's my fave joke.)

I thought it was:

Ken Starr walks into a bar.
The bartender asks, "Why the long case?"

Pssst. Don't anybody tell them Colbert was born in...Canada! They'll probably think there's something wrong with that too.

The IMDB says he was born in Washington, DC.

ellie - that's Washington, District of Canada. Them's canucks sneaky that way.

Annie, have you and JEC been fraternizing wit' Crowder again??

Prosecutor: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I intend to prove that President Barry:
1. Broke Election law by promoting his campaign in a "Humor Blog".
2: Knew that he was breaking the law and did so with malice aforethought.
3: That he..."

White House Counsel Eleanor: "Objection, your Honor! There is no three!"

Judge: "Sustained! Case dismissed!"

President Barry: "Booger!"

To my knowledge, Colbert is a born and raised Charlestonian and that's part of why he has only signed on for the S.C. ballot.

Or maybe he once danced the Charleston and I got confused....

[STFU and GBTW, CJ!! ok]

Despite the enormous pressure to vote for a guy who lives in my town (yes, Colbert does), I'm voting for Dave.

I can, however, be bought. (It's NJ tradition).

ROFL, Hammie. ;)

Dave already told me he would call on me if he needed legal advice! :)

CJ?? STFU & GBTD(drinking) ;-)

LOL Hammie...if that doesn't work, all the blog gals will simultaneously *flash* the judge/jury.

Here ya go *crosses fingers that this works*

Stephen Colbert's IMDb bio

Yeaaa! My linkie workie!!

*applauds ellie for a well-done link*

I do prefer mine medium-rare, however.

Watch out world blog, here I come!


ellie - I'm watchin' out for ya. Definitely got yer back, GF. :-)

If all else fails, Dave can always use the Chewbacca Defense employed by Johnnie Cochran on South Park. Just employ a bunch of nonsensical references and confuse the hell out of anybody raising an objection.

Doc!!!!! *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!* That's for the linky poo you sent me. :) :) :) You ROCK!!!

Hey, Doc - you're not gainfully employed at the moment. Why don't YOU run for office?

Wow, CJ! A bit less than Ross (also pronounced without the 'T') Perot's 18.9%, but he still has time to rally!

Thanks Diva! Always nice to have someone watching my back, as people tend to put "Kick Me" stickers on it.

Annie, I would but I still have a couple of principals I haven't compromised yet and apparently you have to have zero to become president. Plus, you guys really don't want me anywhere near the nuclear launch codes. Trust me.

I never compromised my principals either, Doc. My principles, on the other hand...well. ;-)

And if you'd ever seen my principals, you'd know why!

Trying to type witty banter and deal with a 6 year old bent on getting to Wal-Mart to pick out his Halloween costume will cause the occasional error in grammar. My apologies to everyone for violating these "principles".


Doc - don't sweat it. Any principals you may still have you'll lose on the way there.

As for the nuclear launch codes, shoot, blurkie was picking his teeth with them yesterday. If he can get near them, I don't think we have to worry about you.

Doesn't sound like he's sick anymore, Rick! Good. What does he want to be for Halloween?

And you know it just wouldn't be a day if I didn't spellcheck ya.

Who cares about Prince's nipples?

ellie, what part of truthiness don't you understand?

hmmmmmmmm, prince nipples....

silly me, wrong prince!

cg, you crack me up. I'll take fireman for two hundred.

Whoo, cg - you like 'em young!

NTTAWWT, of course. I mean...well. Look at Ungarr. :D

snork @ emily aka meanie

To answer your above post Diva, he's feeling better and is going as the Evil Spider Man in the black suit. Annie, good point about Blurk and those codes.

Oh, he'll be sooo cute. :) Oops! I mean handsome! Yes, he'll be very masculine and cool as Spidey!

Did you watch the 24 trailer today? I was disappointed that it was the same as the UK trailer. I was hoping for something slightly different. Maybe just one scene, even.

Maybe I will run for president. The donkey and Dumbo parties eat their own young just getting their candidate nominated. Who does that leave? Two wanna be comedians. Colbert is running on two tickets at once so he'll split the vote. Plus, he's counting on the youth vote and until they let you vote online while playing Halo 3 or updating you myrap...Er, myspace page young people will not show up at a voting station. As for Dave, that will be tougher. He's white,old and male and that's what middle-America votes for. Plus, he's based out of Florida and we know how they rig elections down there. Still, he's retired and if "24" doesn't rebound ratings wise no one outside of the regular bloggers may know he even exists. I have one thing going for me, I'm unemployed. There are a WHOLE lot of people like me out there. And I have a cute, redheaded all-American kid. Therefore, I should win by a hanging chad. So sure, I'll run. See you November '08 Dave!

I didn't watch the U.S. version Diva because it won't load right. Might be the slow dial up. The blog should love that their not only ripping off Die Hard 2, but Die Hard 4 as well with the internet terrorism angle.

Well, don't bother with it. The only difference was that Kiefer said "around the globe" instead of "in the United Kingdom." Seriously.

I sooooo cannot wait to see Bad-Boy Tony!! That's gonna ROCK!!

While searching for some pictures of the debate. I found this.

Please take that while waiting for me to set up the presidential debate pictures.

DD - I'm dying to know how they brought Tony back from the dead. And I'm so excited...there's hope for Edgar.

Amen, daisy! Maybe he can steal Chloe back from Morris!!


I have to agree with the Amazing Steve's take on Bill. Ditching the cranky, back-stabbing wife and going with the casual look is much better. Plus Jack gets the Jack Sack back and has a hot red-head letting him torture people. Should be fun. Implausible, but fun.

Let's not forget the inimitable Chloe!!

Interesting imdb bio on Mrs Colbert ( ?-Present ).

And I'm so excited...there's hope for Edgar.

Don't count on it.

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