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October 28, 2007


For the next two weeks Ridley and I will be traveling all over the place strumpeting for our new book. I will have my CrapCam phone, but blogging from me may be sporadic, which means judi may be blogging more, which means you may be seeing more pictures of naked men.

In any event, Ridley and I look forward to seeing some of you on the tour, although depending on how long we've been on the road, we may not look so fabulous.


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That last pix killed me. no pun intended.

Especially as the banner ad at the top of the Blog page currently says, "Escape the Rat Race."

Wow. You stay inside the yellow lines, you usually look a bit better than that. Beyond that however, good strumpeting to y'all!

At least you're just strumpeting. Imagine how wearing it would be to make all those presidential campaign tour stops.

weird how art doesn't count as porn

Are you packing the toilet seat or are you going to wear it? If you choose to wear it, I have a money making suggestion. Sell advertising space on the seat, ala NASCAR, and you'll make serious coin. The list is large. Paper products; Household cleaners; Plumbing supplies. It goes without saying, that the main seat in the house library, is perfect for a book tour.

Not fabulous, maybe, but the hair still looks good.

Jags and Bucs in a heck of a game, belly full, beer cold, Check!

snork @ the Road Kill (WWBAnotherGNFARB)

I noticed Minneapolis missing from your tour. Sigh...

But St. Louis made the cut!!!!!

Be safe, Dave and Ridley. And don't forget the blue shirts!

DDD- just got back from WDW, scoping out hotels for the December trip. :) Can't wait! We'll have to coordinate a time/meeting place to wait in line together.

i'll see you in cleveland, and i'll be fabulous.

Hope to see you in Cleveland, Dave and Ridley!

I'll be there in Philly with an authentic Dave Barry Artifact™ - thanks to Andy the Tropichunt.com guy.

weird how art doesn't count as porn

Or vice versa (in Philly).

Hmmm, what ever could be ...

The Secret Of Rundoon ~
Return Of The Condoes?
The Curse Of Ed Norton?
The Frodo Encounters?

Can't wait to find out on Strumpet-ween!

Trying to avoid me? I'll be in Houston 10/31 to 11/5 and 11/17 to 11/25. Convenient the way you wedged your visit right in between. Hmmmmm.

Hmmm. I haven't been drinking. I'm clicking "orders". My eyesight is fine. Why am I seeing yesterday's travel advisory? I'm so disappointed. I want naked me, dangit!

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