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October 26, 2007


(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Road Closed means something, people.

I'd love to hear the explainations they give to their insurance companies.

I helped pour a concrete sidewalk once. When we were done, I pulled my pants down and put my buttprint in the wet cement.

I feel so dirty.

Was anyone brave enough to check out the video link to the 167 lb. hair ball?

Thanks for sharing that, casey.

Any pictures?

gjd, I clicked on it, and then chickened out. Too early in the morning and breakfast not sufficiently digested. *urp*

Did you watch it??? Opinion???

*has 'A Fish Called Wanda' flashback*
*stops to enjoy*

casey, is there any hope for your sanity?

casey? I wanna see some proof!! show me that butt print!!! ;-P

That giant hairball is pretty gross.

Ellie, I was barely brave enough to look at the picture on the link let alone click on it. All I could hear was a 400 lb. cat making THAT noise...

Police have not yet decided whether to ticket to the two drivers who got stuck.

Um, DUH! Tickets, fines and $20,000 to pay for the damage, I'd say.

Wisconsin's version of the Denver boot?

My grandma once set a giant hairball on fire on the stove. I imagine that is what Hell smells like.

No photographic proof, sorry, y'all will have to take my word for it. The worst part, the part that I failed to share with y'all is that it was an elementary school sidewalk. My buttprint is at the base of the stairs leading into one of those trailer things that schools use now a days when they run out of room for students.

I do bad things.


*snork* @ Casey. Way to make your mark in (on?) the world.

I once heard about a guy who poured a new sidewalk in front of his house, only to have his kids put their initials and handprints in it before it hardened. He was berating his kids when his wife asked, "Don't you love your children?"

His response? "I do in the abstract, but not in the concrete."

Anybody check that link for the protitutes who sewed their lips shut in protest - the ones on their mouths, I believe? Lips, that is...

Mequon--rush hour. Really??

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