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October 25, 2007


(Thanks to Karen Willis and her friend Caroline)


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There was a huge crowd, and the Germex people were handing out samples of their product that had special labels with Dave and I’s pirate photo on it.

*face falls in utter disappointment*

Oh, Ridley.

*readjusts self*

Well, I suspose I've said worser.

I suspose you have. ;-)

Well thanks Diva. I was just going to post this one. Instead I end up posting this one as well.

Given the photo, maybe they were speaking from London, Diva? You know they don't talk correctly there.

Geez, Alfred. I do NOT bite!

Nah, Meanie, that's an old photo. It's on the dustjacket of the former book. I know, I know. Grammar is a harsh mistress. *cracks whip*

Notice there was no mention of the snake?

(oooo...a simul with DD)


It was good for me, daisy! Hm. And on a snake topic, too!

Former book? What did they turn it into?

Well, not a movie yet, but wouldn't that be great?

(Nice catch. Previous book.)

I cherish my copies of Peter and the Starcatchers and Peter and the Shadow Theives. I found the Starcatchers in a Border's in LA and my first thought was "Dave Barry wrote a kid's book?!?"

So I read it, and loved it, and bought the Shadow Theives the next time I was in the shop. I even have the Escape from the Carnivale, which was cute.

The Secret of Rundoon is making it's merry way to me care of the US Postal Service and I should have it tomorrow! YAY!

I made my 13 year old sister read the first two, and now she's expecting the set for Christmas.

I think I'm going to have to moonlight at a bookstore over the holiday season...

They arrived in a Dodge van that had been converted into a pirate ship with a working canon.

I would have been more impressed with a working Nikon...

Suit yourself.

Best line of the day, O decomposing musician.

Dave! Ridley! Do one in Atlanta (or Birmingham) I can supply grandchildren!

Wow, pogo! You'd go to all that trouble just for them? Now THAT's dedication.

Pearson named his kids "Storey" and "Paige". But of course. If he ever had another kid, he could name it "Chapter Three".

Lizzy - Or Reed.

Haha! Good one Diva!

Thanks! :)

What's all this about secret peter rundown?

Why, I know AAaaalll about peter rundown and it isn't a secret. You can't even go into the toilet at work without reading some dirty stuff on the walls about this Big Secret... What? Ohhhhhh.


Dave.....Come to NH so I can get this enormously gigantically tall stack of book(s) signed, will ya? The airline will only allow me 55lbs and a carry-on!

Punkin, come with me to Stamford. You can load your books in my creaky old Subaru. Y'think Dave would sign my Stephen King collection, too?

Punkin, I believe your "girls" each outweigh the poundage allowed. I had two bags of books (5 from ddd, 2 from Med and 2 from me) for Dave & Ridley to sign.

Guin, Dave will sign just about anything. ddd left a copy of Hawking's "A Brief History of Time"...and signed it. I'm going to take my Bible for him to sign next time ;-)

*adds a "he" up there*

*back to watching the Red Sox game!!*


World Series up-date.

great post. thanks.

Dave, read my blog!

Try this link instead.

You all just got a free taco from Taco Bell.

Haven't read any of the Peter books. I'll probably pick them up for my nieces at some point...but I don't know if my sister reads to them at night. I should probably find that out. They're only six, so I don't think they can read them on their own.

I assume everyone is watching the game. I'm going to bed. Night, all!

"Second, when you write for adults, unless you happen to write some kind of transcendent classic, it’s pretty much forgotten within a few months. But kids read a book, and tell their friends, and tell their brothers and their sisters, and they read it again. There’s a lot longer shelf life."

I don't know about that. I've read most of Dave's books several times.

What game?

Disillusioned Yankees fan

I'm making my plans for the December 7/8 signing at Disney! Woo-hoo!

Update: Sox 2, Crockies 1.

Guin - It's a date!

(BTW, What is the date??)

NO WAY!!!!!

Nora- you just made my night!! I had forgotten that they were gonna be there and my family and I are already booked to go there that SAME weekend!!

Anybody else there? Siouxie? You can sleep in our bathtub!

Ooooh! I'm gonna bring my baby and have Dave sign her! How precious!



"Mrs Poo?"


"This is Mrs Battysnatch, from DSS. Is it true you let a man of somewhat colorful character actually sighn your baby?"

"Why yes, it is. Right across her forhead. And Ridley drew a little bird on her scalp! (I don't know why he thought the little Hitler mustache was so funny, though.)"

"Mrs Poo? Put down the baby and step away"

Ooh, Punkin! Have you gotten to go bond with Sadie yet?!?!

Ladies and gentlemen of Red Sox nation, prepare for that which you are not used to experiencing in the Papelbon era. We are about to witness the Lidgeification of your beloved fruit cake closer. Trust me on this. *sits back and prays he's right for a change*

Lord I just wanted him to give up the lead, not get killed by a liner. Heck of try to catch it though on the Pap's part.

Ok, how did Ed Harris wind up at 1st base for the Rockies instead of Matt Holiday. My God that is the oldest looking 27 year old I've seen since myself.

Ah well at least the Rockies are doing better than yesterday.

That they are Edgar. And Helton is leading off to start the 9th so there's still a good chance for a comeback.

Rick - it's like you're speaking another language sometime. A fruitcake closer?

DAMNIT!!!!! *note to self: try reverse psychology next time.* The Papelboner is pretty damn good!

DD- Only if picked twice.

Diva, a closer is the pitcher who finishes most of the team's games for a save. Papelbon dances an Irish jig now and then when he saves a game, thus the fruitcake comment.

No happy endings for Rockies fans, I am afraid. Wouldn't you know that I am going to be in Orlando the week before Dec 7?
*needs a better dayplanner*

*inserts an "s"*

Oh, Jan - Phooey!!

Thanks, Doc. NOW I get it. Alfred - you always make me laugh. This is a good thing.

DD- I'm welcome.

going to bed.

Night, Alfred, personal psychologist to yourself.

Me too! Nite all!

You, Rick?! Hard to believe! The boy must be wearing you out. :D Night, Sweets.


By the way, congrats to the Red Sawx fans out there. I didn't think Schilling still had it in him, but the guy is lights out in the post season. I don't hate Boston, but they are playing a team I've watched develop over the past 3 seasons and even though Fox cut me loose, I still know a lot of their local TV people and hope they do well. That being said...Nite again!

*kickstarts blogomatic coffeemaker, sets to killstun*
Woo! I'm lightheaded. Refinishing furniture involves some interesting chemicals, don't it?

Certainly they hape interesting properties, yes.

Edgar, were you sniffing the paint thinner?

Varnish, turpentine and paint thinner can be a heady mixture indeed.

*sliiiiiiiiides in*

Rick?? you were saying?? Seems like Jap&Pap did good, eh??? ;-P

UGH...it's raining and I don't want to go to work! Laters....

oh and Mornin' Tammy & Edgar!!

Afternoon, Mot!!

wayyyyyyyyy up there to ddd - I wish I could go to Mouseworld that weekend but remember?? Keith Urban?? ;-)

Afternoon Sooz, it's pississantly pouring here as well and I'm figuring on some scheme to leave the office early.

(contemplates what he should do in cleveland that would be truly "memorable", snickers quietly to himself)

*contemplates the evils mud could be contemplating, shudders*
Poor Dave.

Given Mud's active imagination the results of his contemplation could be enough to set humanity back a coupla thousand years.

morning, bloglits. It rained all night last night in SoFla.

(sips coffee...slowly waking up...)

Dasiymae, I sure hope you'll be sending that rain northward!

(watching the rain)

gjd...I would do all in my power (if I had any) to send rain to GA, AL, TN, NC, SC & KY. I know you guys are down to your last drops. Water table here is lower than normal, but we have had good rain this summer, so it's not so severe.

mud, don't scare them TOO badly - they're gonna be here the next day, and I don't want them to be afraid of blogits.....

*Hopes the poor Clevelanders come prepared for the horror*

*thinks about Mud's poetry*

I second that 'poor Dave'.

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