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October 30, 2007


This is Dan. He brought Barry Beer to the signing. As far as I know, this makes me the only leading presidential contender who has an official beer.


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I'll bet it's better than Billy Beer was.

Pour me a cold one, Pardner.

I love those flip-top bottles.


Looks like a classic case of Labeling to me.. but very flattering. Especially to a Beer drinker....

I could use a cold one tonight, after the day today....someone send me 50 or so..


Dave drinks beer? Who knew


Too bad you're not in DanBarry, CT. That would be farreaaky.

Mad- you know, this challenges us West-Coasters to better beerier things.

I gave up drinkin' beer...
ever since the invention of the funnel.

Cool caps.

I may be wrong, but isn't that MTB?


Does this mean the bars are gonna be open this election?

CJ, Meanie's got less hair.

looks much like 'im, though.

Does this mean the bars are gonna be open this election?

Yes but they have to stay more than 1000 feet from the polls, otherwise it is coercive campaigning.

Blogger lager!

Does it come in Strump Stout too?

Does this mean the bars are gonna be open this election?

Yes but they have to stay more than 1000 feet from the polls, otherwise it is coercive campaigning.

Posted by: Edgar Greenberg | 09:20 PM on October 30, 2007

But the bar is the only place I can truly get my political convictions in focus! Both of em'!

Yay, Dan! A fine looking brew it is, too. Shouldn't the bloggers be the official taste testers for Barry Beer?

Maybe thats why I am an independent. I don't drink

I've seen some of the debates. The bar is not only open, it's set very low.

Congrats to Dan the Barry Brewmeister!


Just don't move to Tahiti after the election.

Bartender, I'll have a Barry Beer puhlease!

very clever, ellie.

aside to ellie: somehow I think you're better off being over-protected. too many freaks out there.


And for those of you who aren't picking up on it, this is GungaDan, who brought up this idea last summer and after a couple of false starts got a good solid beer made. It was a beautiful idea, Danny. Congratulations!!!

Hey Dan, Put me down for about 300 cases. In the meantime, I'll be filling the tummy space with the 3-muskateers bag that I accidentally opened up today. Thanks, the Grants Pass campaign compound.

No, it's not me, it's ....well, Dan! He was doing a bunch of late night blogging a while back, I believe, and actually talked about developing this brew. But I kind of remember it as Blogger Lager.

Either way, Dan, you've done a major service to your country. Here's to ya!

*Hands Wyo a Barry lite*

Dunno Wyo, all this talk about cucumbers has me wonderin' iffin I need to fire my bodyguards.

WTG, Dan!

So..how's the head? (beer lingo)

On closer inspection, it does say Blogger Lager under the Barry Beer name. Very cool!

Who'da thunk that Gunga Dan an' Meanie were separated at birth?

*winks at Foggy*

and This'll drive a man to drink. (no offence, but that's way outa Kansas!!)

(don't worry, she who submitted it will understand.)

someone say beer?!!?

We KNOW it's Dan ;-)

He's been secretly brewing and perfecting the Barry Beer for months now!! Now we need tasting party!

Meanie, I'm sure as soon as Dave gets elected he will give Dan the Presidential Medal of Freedom

or a seat on the Supreme Court

He'll at least make Dan an honorary Member of the Bar.

Geez. Everyone left the last post when I mentioned the only Gray's Anatomy quote I know.

I wasn't in Kansas Saturday. I was surrounded by the Romanian Mafia.

And that's an awesome label. I hope the beer inside is good.

THAT would be a grand idea, Miss Siouxie!!

*SNORK* @ Ducky!

i'm up for a tasting party!

*runs off to check bartender's guidebook for a good mixed drink recipe i can modify for dave*

nora--"Blue Hawaii", of course.

or a "Blue Hawaiian Shirt"

or a seat on the Supreme Court

You don't want one of those these days. They've made 'em outa cardboard now. The good part is that they're harder for Larry Craig to turn into an accidental confessional.

Way to go GungaDan!

waving @ Ducky..... sorry to interupt......
carry on

See y'all on Blogoween.........

Jazzzz - you know it's so much easier for us to carry on when you're here! How are ya?

Jazzzzito! you never interrupt ;-)

I'll drink to that!

I'll drink to just about anything.

just sayin'

Where is Dan? Shouldn't he be here, sharing in the festivities?

Hmmmmm .....

(Apologies to Dan's companion).

I'll drink to that, Meanie.

(Told ya, Meanie. separated at birth.)

Wow Meanie...you could do that whole Double Mint Twin thing...

Hey Deeeeeevah! and my sweet Siouxie..I'm good. Weather in Arkansaw is getting cooler (anything below 75F is life threatening). Which will drive me inside sooner and blogging more. Miss you all, but will be as irritating as ever soon.........

And here I thought I was an only child.

*WAVES @ Jazzzzie!* Good to see ya!

Gotta go to bed. Have to oppress small children tomorrow. No, really. I teach oppression by oppressing the students. Great fun for me.

Meanie-you're one of a kind. A twin would be a sign of the apocalypse.

(it's snowing here, Jazzzz)

Meanie, that's excellent photoshopping! I'd NEVER know you weren't there in person!

Aw, Jazzzz. I'm just waiting for the 50s, 40s and 30s to come along! You southern boys are just tender.

In all the right spots, Diva

I don't mean to bring sadness to the thread, but Sir Lancelot, aka Robert Goulet has left to the great beyond. Growing up in the 60's, my mom used to play the Camelot record without end. Thanks for the memories.

and so did Porter Wagoner. two remarkable stage presences.

WYOSNOW!!!! Man, I wish I had snow.

Sweet dreams everyone!! have a Barry Beer on me!

well..ya know.. ;-)


Yep, boys. It's not easy saying goodbye to a couple of legends.

Ooh, Jazzzz, tell me more....

In my book, any man who brings a beer to a book signing should have a statue made out of him, in his honour.

laughykate - made OUT of him? Sheesh! That's kinda harsh! ;-)

yeah, you'd think they would save that for the folks who didn't bring the beer.

Anyone drinking in the bookstore should leave all credit cards and cash at home..... just. sayin.

Off Topic alert:

Hello to Justkristie


Hi and welcome, JustKristie! And happy birthday, too.

Yea, Justkristie! Another pug lover!

Ummm...that didn't sound right.

More Barry Beer? *hic*

Hello, justkristie!! :) Nice pic - and nice blog!

Just back. long ride home but well worth it. Mr. Blog was a great host as was Ridley Pearson. Truly a good time was had. When I handed Dave the "Barry Beer, Blogger Lager" He half turned and said "we need a picture, no one else brought beer" The line behind me broke out in laughter.
Just a thought; We make beer for POTUS Dave Barry's opponents but instead of our secret brew (I filled the bottles with Samuel Adams after screwing up 2 batches of home brew, shhh) we put their name on a bottle of "Old Milwaukee" and wait for the land-slide!
Really was great fun tonight.

Danny, that is SO funny!! But if any beer is good American beer, Sam is IT!

I didn't know the second batch crapped on you, though. Phooey. :-(

*flaps back in for a moment*

Once again, YAY, Dan! That's some good-lookin' brew!

When's the tasting party?

lol, was bad DD. Opened the lid and a dry swomp would have had a better smell. The dog left the room.

I just like the fact that you brought beer to a kid's book signing!

Hey Ms. Ducky. Am doing QC right now and think we are ready for Blog final testing. Schedule a time and we are there

ellie, I know what you mean. I did in fact wait for them to leave. So as not to have to share with the rest of the class.

Wish I could partake of the Nectar of the Blog, Dan, but my parole officer finances do not allow for travel at this time.


LOL! Thanks for that.

*Picturing Dave and Ridley swigging beer and slurring through a reading*

A bud of mine did the label. Great guy in South Africa. Mally

AWWW, Ducky! Think our "POs" went to different schools together


Fires in so.ca., now NotSoShyJan just informed me of a 5.6 shaker in the north. She thinks maybe her house shifted on its foundation.

*prayers for CA residents*

*Snork* @ Dan! You're probably right.

Danny - you crack me up! LOL.

Dan, that is a very touching story about your friend. Wow.

Diva, yeah a friend of mine told me she was caught in it. Nothing broken, but she was 'rattled' so to speak.

Is it light or lager?

I have to be up early with the other birdies tomorrow, so I'm flapping off to bed. Great job, Dan!

Nighty-night, y'all! Sweet dreams!

yeah, ellie. just what they need. and nssj's mom is visiting from the east coast - not too happy about it.

my sweet new girl kitty is climbing all over me like a jungle gym as she explores me. :) it's soooo cute.

Sweet dreams ducky

DD, she is ok now then? Happy and all? How is her brother?

Awww...Cats are cute, but I am terribly allergic! Yesterday my daughter and I found a bitty one abandoned at my apartments. Fed her wet dog food before we drove her to the shelter. They said she was 6 weeks old, but didn't look more than three she was so small. Poor baby. She will make someone a good pet. Not me though. I sneezed the rest of the afternoon!

OK, must sleep...nighty nite!

ellie - I was allergic, but I've been getting shots and they've helped IMMENSELY.

Danny - Aggie's come out and she's doing really well. She's so sweet just kinda exploring me. She's still really skittish if I approach her, so I let her do all the approaching right now. She's a talker and has a nice loud purr. :) Her companion Smoke is the little lover - likes to sit right on the ramparts. DEFINITELY a man!

Sir Lancelot is dead? I'm pretty sure John Cleese is alive and well.

And Gunga, our opponents GOT to have Coors. It is the only beer to advertise it comes in a plastic bottle with a screw top cap. I'm not sure, but I don't think that bodes well for the taste.

Edgar, that's a good point.

LOL Edgar

Edgar, I have all of the major domestic beers in a plastic bottle at many a sporting event. To be honest, if it's cold and it's beer, I don't care whether it's glass of plastic or aluminum. That being said, time to run to the fridge.

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