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October 30, 2007


We're taking the train to our signing tonght at Border's in White Plains. Ridley is VERY excited.


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For Casey, the best of both worlds.

Sort of...

It is a selfish help tape. just an audience clapping for you.

Whoa, there, Meanie. No cucumbers here. Apparently I can throw a sheep at you, too. Alfred, what did you call the group? I'll try to find it.

I've read that there are at least 20 reasons why cucumbers are better than men. but then I don't believe everything I read. (not that I'm particularly fond of either, NTTAWWT.)

Well..I've got a Facebook acct...so feel free to add me!

PICK ME! CHOOSE ME!! LOVE ME! (sorry...that's from Grey's Anatomy)

Add me, too. The only quote I know from Gray's Anatomy has to do with something called "vah jay jays". Which doesn't apply, unless we're still talking about cucumbers. Oh, wait. This is the blog I'm talking about here...

For some odd reason, I can't add people. So you may need to add your self.


Alfred's Dave Barry's Blog Group

AuntieM, I know VJJ LOL

Alfred...I couldn't find it...

oh and AuntieM...we're added on Facebook now :-)

*bets Ridley gets lots of compliments on his very nice hair*

Just sayin.

*bets Ridley gets lots of compliments on his very nice hair*

Just sayin.

me too! me too! me too!

note to pogo - i am employed by state government in albany, but i am originally from queens. sorry to disappoint you deskdiva. i was noting that metro north is the rail line that travels between penn station and poughkeepsie, with many stops along the way. just a clarification.

note to queensbee :) as an unfortunate employee of metro north, I feel obliged to say the trains run from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie, New Haven & somewhere else I totally don't remember. but the ride sure is purty.

ahh, thank you tess. i forgot which station is the terminus in nyc.... i would much rather amtrak went to grand central than penn, but we're stuck with it. sure beats greyhound!

pretty much anything beats greyhound in my opinion :)

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