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October 30, 2007


We're taking the train to our signing tonght at Border's in White Plains. Ridley is VERY excited.


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Either that or he's deceased.

WAKE UP RIDLEY!! Dave's gonna paint a fake mustache on you!!!

although, that would work for the book signing.

Nevermind....sweet dreams.

let's see, ecstasy in the Apple store, then a cigarette. yep, falling asleep immediately is soooo typical of you guys.

Makes me wonder. Do they have those new heart jump-starters on trains?

Ridley's gonna get you for that Dave. And he's gonna miss a beautiful train ride along the Hudson.

wow! a trip on metro north!!! i coulda metcha there, dudes, only 2 hrs from albany....

Dave - Ridley is SO gonna get you for that!

Looks like they still make the writers sit in the back of the bus train.

For world-class, Pulitzer-winning authors, you are soooo humble. Taking the train with the rest of the great unwashed investment bankers going back to their estates in Greenwich. ;)

DAVE! You are right near your boyhood home. When are they going to change the exit sign on the Merritt Parkway to read: Armonk: Birthplace of Dave Barry?

Probably as soon as he offers the city a LOT of money, Guin.

Close your eyes
Count Some sheep
Know that we will
Be snorking

Not the best poem, but I guess it works.

*sends Dave an "i"*

Annie told me to.

Awe, that's a cute picture, actually.

*reshapes extraneous Border's apostrophe into an 'i' for Dave*
Siouxie told me to. :P

Oh, to have whipped cream and a feather.

and a Sharpie™

oh and wax....

*sneaks Ridley's hand into bowl of warm water*

At least he's not drooling.

I'm a lot slow, but I have put DDD and Sioux's pics from the Hunt together in an album...


and it took hours for yours truly, techno 'tard (the apostrophe is for you, ddd)!

Med - we need an email address & password to look at it.

WHAT? No limo? No police escort? Who planned this book tour?

queensbee Do you work for state gov up there in Albany?

pogo - Greyhound, apparently.

If you look closely, he's making a moise.

Or possibly a noise.

Is a 'moise' a kind of odd clam?
Blink, blink?

oh. Never mind. I thought maybe it was a bifurcated valve shark.

oops - my comment just a few posts up was for AD, not pogo. Not that you can't read it anyway, pogo. I mean, it's really no skin off my nose if you choose to read it. ;-)

Its a mouse from brooklyn

Wow, Med! I haven't even downloaded my photos yet.

PS: I am STILL dreaming of those ribs and pulled pork you brought. Yum!

*riding in the back of the short bus of technology*

I hope Greyhound at least sprung for some hors d'oeuvres....

Maybe a hot towel?

Thanks for explaining that, DD. For a minute there I thought (at least) one of us had lost it there.

Med, those are great, of course. I believe ya'll need a Facebook account. Maybe.

Might as well make a Dave Blog group even.

Good idea, Alfred! You want to set it up?

Anyone else curious to know what the "support staff" of two internationally known literary greats looks like? I'm guessing Walter, wearing a bell-boy uniform.
Oh, and pun accidental, but intended. HAR! :)

Alfred, you can if you want. I've got all my "blog related" crap pics uploaded on Photobucket.It's really easy to link the album on here. I still have to load the ones from last week's strumpet.


I was hoping to let some one else do that. My javascript blocker is making facebook do weird stuff.

Took way more time then I really should have spent.

psssssst Dave?? shouldn't you wake Ridley up soon???

(waves madly at KDF waaay up there)

Hi, girl, haven't seen you in a loooong time!

A train, a train, a train, a train, would you could you on a train?!

ASF, you're right. [EG]

So, Alfred, you dream about leather robots?

Ooooh, kinky..... Tell me more.

I believe ya'll need a Facebook account.

What Siouxie said. All the cool kids have one. Even I have one, and I'm only ~6 weeks younger than Mr Train-Sleeper Ridley.

AD- Sure, why not.

I also dream about fighting the Ring girl with a sword, while hovering above Seattle.....
Wow. New idea for a pic.

If this seems like so much fun. Submit a picture that fits what you want. And I will place it on Crazy Birds.

Kamen Rider Character I was speaking about

I don't know....

My fantasies are pretty racy. It might blow up your computer.....

Wow. I think I met that Kamen guy at a party once....

He was kind obnoxious, though. Had a fit cause someone double-dipped a potato chip....

Threatened to kill us all.

Wow. That fits the character really well.

Gets angry at the slightest issue.

My computer can handle it. It's my self I worry about.

Yep. That just scared everyone off.

(Not scared -- just watching...)

while ridley dreams
of stephen king numbers,here's
a quiet haiku

I dream about fish. Fish and pickles. That's what I dream about. Oh, and baby ducks. Fish, pickles and baby ducks. Oh, I forgot; marshmellows and paste too. Fish, pickles, baby ducks, marshmellows and paste. That's what I dream about.

ISIANMTU: Seriously, I really do dream about fish, at least three times a week for about 6 or 9 months now. I'm fishing in rivers, creeks, lakes, oceans. I'm catching them with nets, in my hands, with a rod; I'm a little girl trying to catch minnows in a cup. I'm eating fish, cleaning them, cooking them, talking about them to other people; I have aquariums, I'm breeding exotics and selling them, studying them in books, it goes on and on and on. Last night the featured fish came out of a hole in frozen river bank. It was like a snake fish and it was trying to hypnotize me with it's eyes, but I broke the gaze and moved away from the bank of the river. Then it changed into like this dog thing and tried to climb the bank to get at me. I dont remember what happened after that. Again, I swear I'm not making this up. Weird, huh?

Ya know Dave? I just thought of something. Ridley's got a really warped mind. I'm currently reading his book (that he recommended)- Beyond Recognition and it's pretty creepy so far. If I were you, I'd be afraid...very afraid.

casey, get thee to an Obstetrician!

Yes, casey. Have you been having any strange late night snacks, oh, say fish sticks? :)

*steps slowwwwwwwwly away from casey*

uh...weird?? no!! not weird at all!


No spicy food, no food at all after 7:00, if I drink wine I usually dont remember my dreams, so thta's not it. I dont know what the heck is going on. It's so completely weird. They stopped for a while, about 2 & 1/2 months, but then they came back, but sorta changed to where it was whales, sharks, alligators and anacondas and they were all scary dreams. Now, they are mostly just really weird, not scary. The one I had Sunday night I was looking for oysters on the beach (?), then I started surf fishing for yellow fin tuna. I caught two big ones and one medium sized one and I was cleaning them right on the beach and then my co-worker started biatching at me cuz she wanted hers filleted and I wasnt doing it right. Then, some man behind me said something about crabs and the next thing I know I was walking around the pier pilings, picking stone crabs off the ocean floor and breaking their claws off. So, y'all think this is weird too, huh?

On the other hand, I love seafood, maybe this no eating after 7:00 is the problem. Maybe I'm just hungry?

Sounds like you have CJ-itis.

Uh, Casey,
It's not the food; it's not the wine.
It's the BLOG! Reading what is in your dreams, is like re-reading some of the items posted in the blog.
Be afraid. Verrrry AFRAID.
Oh, I have found that wrapping my head in Alumeniomallamunium tin foil works wonders and keeps the the voices at a lower volume.
Sweet Dreams.

Naw, she's hungry. Oysters are in the bays or tidal creeks, not on the beaches. Yellowfin are in deep water. Stone crab are under rocks or in burrows. That gal couldn't find seafood, if she was sleepin' in a bed of lettuce at Red Lobster!!

Casey, don't let CJ give you a hard time. If he keeps bugging you, just type the following to words as your response, "Quinn Gray". That ought to send him out of the blog screaming. Kinda like a player who shall remain unnamed for the Panthers who once wore the #8 in Houston.

Through the train window it looks like they're still in Grand Central, at 3:55, which means they should reach White Plains at about 4:40-4:50. The strumpeting is at 8:00.

So, what bar are they at?

casey, you're giving new meaning to the phrase "sleeping with the fishes."

casey, what kind of paste?

just curious.

*jumps up and replaces "to" with "two". dangit!*

*snork* @ da funny duck!

Casey, you can also mention to CJ a certain tv-remodel that went curiously awry.

*checks Quinn "I don't throw straight, but I throw high" Gray's won-loss as a starter. Hmmm; 1 and 0* I have no problem with that. Annie, on the other hand, swings low... speaking disparagingly of my next aquarium.

cj - foil the top of that tv and give it to casey to wear on her head as a blog/alien/warped thought deflector.

Maybe Ridley is dreaming of fish, too. Question: when you spend much of your waking time writing about killers and gruesome crimes, what DO you dream about?

So I'm listenin' to Pandora Radio, and lookin' at the blog. The Kingston Trio's singin' MTA, and there's Ridley. I think I'll hand him a sandwich at the skully-square station as the train comes rumblin' through. (maybe I'll stick a nickel in it, as Charley's wife shoulda done..)

*sings, "He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston..."*

By now they're probably swapping stories and popping beers over at Hillary's house.

OMG, now that I think about it, the beginning of my dreams DO coincide with a certain TV project that went awry. And didn't the Miami blogette/CJ party involve crab claws? (Or did I just dream that???) But I'm well aware of CJ's love for crab claws. Oh dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, do I have some type of weird subconcious thing for CJ and his crabs?

Man, I really DO need counciling!

or just better beer.

Und so, casey, how long have you been having zees feelings for CJ und his crustaceans?

Or perhaps counseling. Med, it said that the pics were unavailable. I just joined the Facebook, so anyone I've e-mailed from the blog will be asked to be my friend. Sorry.

Wyo, the kind of paste that used to come in those half gallon plastic jars back when I was in 1st grade. The kind I used to eat.

Huh, there's another connection. Paste, baby ducks, seafood, marshmellows; all edible (if a little fuzzy and/or sticky) Hmmm. Now just how does CJ fit into this picture? I'm betting fuzzy AND sticky.

Jeez you guys are better than psychiatry. And cheaper too! Thanks guys!

Snork at Sigmund!

You EAT BABY DUCKS? Did you dream about the baby ducks last night? The 24 episode could account for that.

casey, you want to EAT BABY DUCKS??!!!


Well guys, I bought lots of fresh veggies and fruit today, I just cant get my mind off that big chilled cucumber calling me from the fridge....think I'll slice it up, gnaw on it, then off to bed.


And sweet dreams to you all!


JD, aren't you glad yours are practically grown?

I'm thinkin' casey's dreamin' of those yellow marshmallow baby ducks we see at Easter time. maybe.

*snork* @ casey! Sweet dreams! See you in the marlin mornin'!

casey, yes, I am. For many reasons.

casey, sometimes it's better not to think. Just ask Wyo.


"I just cant get my mind off that big chilled cucumber calling me from the fridge....think I'll slice it up, gnaw on it, then off to bed."


Goodnight Lorena casey! Have fun with that cuke!

"He brooded and he brooded until his brains dried up."

(from Don Quixote)

My brain is now a prune. Or a raisin.

"ignorance is bliss."

"He who laughs last, thinks slowest."

ok I'm done with not thinkin'.

Hang in there, case. Take yourself clamming in the upper Catawba and Wateree.

Casey- Have you actually done any of these in real life? Catch minnows, ice fish? Seen a Snake Fish (Eel or Leviathan)?

Usually, the meaning of something has more to do with how you view them.

Sometimes your subconscious just likes a thought. So go fishing, kiss CJ, and eat a cucumber.

I think I just poked Meanie on Facebook. It's a strange, strange world over there...

There's way too much fish referencing going on here. I haven't been fishing in forever. Maybe a cigar is just a cigar (paging Freud), and casey just needs to get on a boat with CJ and go fishing.

My thoughts exactly. (Freud be screwed)


I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and BARRY FRIGGIN MANILOW IS ON!! WTFFISHBBQ???


Jeez, Auntie! That cucumber is sharp!

I just made the Facebook group.

Freud would have a field day with that comment....

Back to the topic for a moment--Ridley looks tired. Playing with iPhones will do that to you.

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