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October 30, 2007


We had some spare time in Manhattan, so naturally -- since we're surrounded by museums and historical sites -- we went to the Apple store. Here's a CrapCam photo of Ridley experiencing deep lust for an iPhone, which he is using to post comments to this blog.


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iIck. I do not iNeed a phone that does anything besides make iCalls. Does this make me an iLuddite?

Yes, dear. It does. Butt I still iLove you.

Ridley does look a little over excited to be fondling those cables...

HI RIDLEY!!! good job!!!

"Here's a CrapCam photo of Ridley experiencing deep lust for an iPhone, which he is using to post comments to this blog."

And we've noticed that his comments never made it to the blog.

psssssst, Ridley?? I think you have to press SEND

Dave, the traffic to White Plains gets pretty awful. Better move quick.

Also, FYI, if you've not been here for many years, you may not recognize it.

*raises hand*

*waves madly to get attention*

Blogits sigh and say, "What is it, Eleanor?"

I saw Ridley's comments. Yes, I did. They're on the FIRST strumpeting thread.

Do I win something?

Careful where you try to plug in the wires to the phone there, dude. Be safe and make sure you are grounded in case the cables have power.

Is anyone else planning to join the Strumpdate in Naperville dressed for Halloween as Gene Weingarten?

YAY to El!!! I saw now!!

You win...a pair of ACME inline turbo-thrust shoes!!!

in PINK!

YAY! PINK! My favorite color. ;)

That's the EXACT same look I had on my face two days ago when I found out, from Dave's Classic calender from October the 23th---that my dad ALSO wore a Russian style hat that was black when I was a kid, and actually, unlike Dave...I thought he looked very handsome, so of course to this day, every winter I buy whatever Russian hat I can find, which gives me a reason to drink vodka with no guilt.

I even have one from Afghanistan, which has a tail that goes completley down to my waist.

It goes over very well at McDonalds, which is where I always wear it. (I love to go off point) A.d.d.

Yes, it's good to see you guys learning how to take pictures...with phones...and to know that all the bloggers here are still out of their minds.
So...who took this picture?

have to agree with Ms. DPC. i want to be able to make and receive calls. that is all. i don't need music, videos or any other crap on my phone, just the phone. of course, if someone gave me one for Christmas, I'd suddenly require all of the features it could provide.

type louder please

Heck, I just want my phone to make outgoing calls, to the sushi place, for example. I'd be delighted if I could BLOCK all incoming calls!

Hey, Ridley, while you are there will you ask them for some help with my mouse? I have this wireless mouse, but it's not working and I don't know how to fix it. I might just go buy another one. The one I have, that stupid cord attached to it kept getting in my way so I just cut it off so I could have a wireless mouse, but now it won't work. Get me some prices while you're there, will ya?

Not funny question
Is there a phone available that will allow me to use its GPS ability just like a Garmin™ does? If so, is there one that will allow the people on my Friends and Family® plan to send and receive their positions to each other?
/Not funny question

Guin - set it to silent & vibrate off. Not quite the same as blocking, but it will accomplish the task.

I usually set it on vibrate and sit on it. Not quite the same as blocking, but it's more funner.

Guin, this is the purpose of Caller ID, which is God's gift for those of us who don't wish to answer the phone unless its someone we want to call. (not nice, huh?)

those new yorkers have some strange fruit stands. i don't see any apples at all in there.

Is that the Big Apple store?

DPC - there are phones with GPS that tell you where you are, but I don't think any automatically transmit your location to others. (Think about it - you might be in a certain restroom in the Minneapolis airport, or something.)

Silly pogo - that's the only reason I'm getting one for my boys. Lojac that kid.

DPC - certain phones will transmit their location to a website. We have it on my son's phone (a Samsung). You go to the site, query the phone and the phone sends the location after the phone's user agrees to identifying itself. The last part is supposed to prevent perverts from finding children, but it also allows children to refuse to tell their parents where they are.

pogo - Thanks, but I have a 16-y-o daughter. I need to know about those airport restrooms.

Really, I want this but phone instead of FRS/GMRS.

ArcticAl - you have that in Canada already? You are right on our tech tail, aren't you!

You mean ya'll haven't micro-chipped your kids???

The last part is supposed to prevent perverts from finding children, but it also allows children to refuse to tell their parents where they are.

That's why I want it open for everyone in the FaF plan but closed to everyone else.

DPC - the Garmin radios are really neat. I have them too!

(the only difference between men and boys is the size and the cost of their toys)

Compensating much, boys???

Siouxie - shhh...They think it's an earring.

You mean ya'll haven't micro-chipped your kids???

Posted by: Siouxie | 03:44 PM on October 30, 2007

microchip? hell, no. i've got mine shock collared. they can't go past the invisible fence.

Siouxie, the big cigarette boats are for those who have to compensate for their shortcomings elsewhere. I have a canoe. It's been said that you aren't a true Canadian until you've made love in a canoe. I'm a very proud Canadian!

I thought Boost Mobile had phones that would show where all your friends for family were at as long as their phone was on. Don't know if they have a family plan or not.

Al, at least it's not a dinghy ;-)

Ask CJ.

ArcticAl - is that why they call it an 'Eskimo Roll?'

Booo-hoooo - Ridley and Dave are shopping in New York without meeeeee!

Siouxie, whenever CG is here he has his phone on vibrate. I always thought it was so he wasn't rude and having it ring when I was talking, which is most of the time. :)
But now I'm wondering.........

El, ya think WE are the only ones that like the good vibes???

I am too Ridley
I love my iPhone

*proudly notes that his dinghy is 13 feet long*

i lust for iphone.

(i like pink, too, EL)

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