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October 29, 2007


Ridley and I did an event this morning at the Morgan Stanley Children's Pavilion at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. On hand was a great group of kids from P.S. 128, shown here looking piratical.

On a serious note: If you ever feel sorry for yourself, visit a children's hospital, and you'll be reminded (a) how lucky you are, and (b) how brave kids can be.


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You guys rock!!!

I know, my kids make me nuts, but when I see these kids who have cancer or some other disease, I thank God then give the little monsters and extra kiss. We should all do that every day!

what a great picture!! this makes the strumpeting all worthwhile.

Yes! Finally! PirateKids!!!!

Awesome picture!!!

Amen to that, Okie! I do the same.

I can only imagine that moments like these - aside from moments with your own family - make everything you do all worth while.

YAY, Dave!
YAY, Ridley!

I'm sure you made them smile. :)

Thanks for going to cheer up those kids! You guys are great!

If only those kids could vote.

Ridley and Dave, you guys did a wonderful thing, and I'll bet they remember it forever.

Nope, things like that remind me I have nothing to feel sorry about. (In addition I have a picture of the sod house my grandad grew up in.)

and where are the strumpsters in the pic?

Kids' hospitals are especially great for putting your personal problems into perspective. Glad you could spread some cheer there guys!

pogo - your granddad had a sod house? I'm so jealous. I've always wanted one of those.

Look at all those smilin' faces. So adorable. Lotsa' eyepatches, huh?
Great job, guys!!!

Amen, Dave. You guys did good.

I once rented my house to a sod for the summer.

Awe, that is so freaking sweet!

I worked in a big hospital with a cancer center, and the one sight I couldn't get used to was the bald kid in the wheelchair with all the IV's on wheels next to him. You're supposed to act like everything's ok, but I always wanted to offer to buy the kid a pony or something.

Dave, Ridley - you guys just know what it's all about. *SMOOCHES* to both of you and your big, soft hearts.

Sod house? He was lucky to have a HOUSE! We used to live in one room, all twenty-six of us, no furniture. Half the floor was missing and we were all huddled together in one corner for fear of FALLING!

Oh Lab you love Hot Gravel, who are you kidding?

WTG Dave and Ridley! Hugs to both of you.

Awesome job, guys! (Dave, did you "plant" the girl in the blue jacket in front of you to help accent your blue shirt?)

Amen to that Dave,

My company cooks a meal for Ronald McDonald house a few times a year. Those kids are really brave.

I know what you mean Dave. I work at Childrens Hospital in Boston, Thankfully in the research side, but I just have to spend one night transporting to see real bravery. That really does put things into perspective.

I work in a hospital that has both a Ronald McD House and a RMD room (in peds). My unit is off the trail for either. You can almost always tell when someone is searching for the peds or neonate units...or how to get out of the building. You guys are doing a great thing! KUDOS!

Before I met the woman it turns out I was supposed to marry, I lived with an amazing nurse who worked the adolescent unit at the University of Missouri Medical Center. They were (and I'd bet still are) the finest cystic fibrosis unit in all of the Midwest, fighting a truly evil disease -- among many others, of course.

So, okay, it turned out that that amazing nurse and I had less business living together than battery acid and bleach. It doesn't keep me from remembering fondly/heartbreakingly the amazing bravery of her patients, some of whom were able to attend Thanksgiving at our home in 1993.

In 1994, it was one patient less. (Damn, I can't believe how much that still hurts.)

Dave and Ridley, you've done a noble thing. Bringing entertainment to kids is one thing. Bringing it to sick kids in person rates you great seats in heaven's football stadium. I refuse to believe otherwise.

Have joy, even as you give it. Very nice.

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