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October 22, 2007


You can't spell it without SUX.

(Thanks to Matt Blackstone and DavCat14))


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Fly SUX? How about SUX fly, now that would really be gross.

Ooo! First! Yea me!

-- OR --

When you get to IOWA, it SUX.

*Hmmm. Wonders if there is an airport with the code of FUX. Also wonders why San Francsio hasn't jumped at one of the alternates offered to Sioux City by the FAA - GAY *

yeah, but it is better than one in Fairfield, which would be...well, you can figure it out...

Since SFO doesn't need it, GAY should be reserved for Province Town. I'm sure if it doesn't have a big airport, it will someday.

A big airport would not fit in Provincetown. At least not without a whole lot of lubricant.

ellie - I'm just not that bright this morning....

I can't believe we have not heard a comment on this from SUX-ie.

When you travel for a living SUX would fit any airport.

*snork* @ Mitch

The city fathers have applied the first rule of sales, "if you can't hide it, feature it."

Bern, maybe her flight was delayed.

Here's a fun link (loosely defined).

Arctic Al, take a look at Japan - close enough?

Grand Forks, Nodak is GFK ... merely sayin' ...

Are there any nonstops from Sioux City, Iowa (SUX) to:

--Dickinson, N.Dak. (DIK)?
--Cochin, India (COK)?

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