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October 20, 2007


(Thanks to Rayne)


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five firsts! wow!

I've never seen a purple gun
I hope I never see one
But this I'll tell you anyhow
I know I'll never use one.

Apologies to Ogden Nash

WOW! Too bad I can't get one...


That would SO match my purple machete...

I could so match my shoes and purse to that.

No glam revolutionary-wannabe can be without it.

$800 extra for Glitter?

NOTE: This site is a parody for humor purposes only. No actual weapons may be bought on this site.


Sick Cheney is not on the board of directors... isn't that treason?

Change S for D?

The Hello Kitty empire is amazing. They have everything from cutsie little dolls to dildos. So I've heard...*Ahem*

Go Tribe!

I can die happy now.

This one may not be real, but it would kinda surprise me if someone somewhere hasn't done this.

I've seen plenty of pictures on gun forums of for example pink guns done by guys for their daughters.

Mot, you might want to apologise to Gelett Burgess, too, who actually wrote "Purple Cow".

Thanks for the idea. My little niece's BD is coming up and I've been wondering what to get her.

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