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October 29, 2007


Birthplace of Tube Fighting.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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This is an organized sport? We did this as kids 45 years ago.

Of course our tubes were bigger and stiffer then. More chance of getting hurt.

They also make good trumpets for kids too.

And a hat trick?

YAY Me! My first hat trick. My week is made now. It can only go downhill, unless someone hits me with a cardboard tube.

We have to check for hamsters in our tubes. One is missing in the house and might make for a nasty surprise/unfair advantage for one participant if Snickers should fly out of the end of a tube.

we still do this with pool noodles cut in half. We call it "snord fighting."

And were the contestants forced to wear signs saying, "I'm a Complete Dork - Please Beat Me Up and Steal My Lunch"?

"Within 45 seconds, Count Sexula was also the tournament's first loser, after holding up an impotent tube destroyed by a ninja."

Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

That's totally tubular dudes!

Geeks some people have WAY too much time on their hands...

You mean like us, Siouxie?

Jeff, I'm looking for naked men doing some research for judi. ;-)

*snork* @ Jeff's 1:36 and mm.

75 computer programmers - 'nuff said.

I'm betting that the "Star Wars" theme was blasting as this was going on.

Of course our tubes were bigger and stiffer then. More chance of getting hurt.

Posted by: ArcticAl | 01:33 PM on October 29, 2007


NTTAWWT, Al....just sayin' ;-)

hey, come one folks, it's not high brow, but have a couple of beers, have a couple more and then try tube fighting. it's still fun and at the geezer stage in life, not too risky. it's fun to beat the crap out of someone and not really do any damage. or maybe that's just me since i'm not on medication any more.

Off topic: You might not have Tom Tancredo to kick around anymore, if this report is correct.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled tube fighting bout...

bwaahhhhhha jeff. of course, in noo yawk, well, cardboard just aint gonna do it.

Wes, it's twwwuuu...he was on Fox News this morning announcing his "retirement".

Let us rejoice.

Siouxie, you know where rich, old, white men want to go to when they retire....


Hammie, that was MEAN.

*waves @ Hammie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*Waves @ AWBH!!!*

Hammie, I USED to like you.

geesh, this is something i yell at my kids for doing in the house.

Tube beat, or not tube beat,
that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The dings and carroms of outrageous bludgeon,
Or to take arms against a sea of nerd/geeks,
And by opposing end them?

[STFU and GBTW, CJ! ok]

*snork* @ CJ!

nice going Shake&Bakespeare!!

What SNORK through yonder monitor breaks?
It is The Run!

Awww, Siouxie...., here have some boots

Doesn't EVERYbody save the tubes from wrapping paper? I know I have several just waiting for the proper time...

Aww cg, next time grab an empty roll of wrapping paper and show 'em how it's done!

And Siouxie... it IS more fun if you have Star Wars music playing :)

*blink* *blink*

boooooottttttttttttsssssssssssss!!! you be forgiven, Hammie.

Prof, I forgot...you're one of them! ;-P

Actually, I used to save the wrapping paper tubes and the girls and I had much fun playing pirates.


*blank stare*

$685 for shoes??? HUH??

Siouxie, can you actually wear boots in Miami without puddles forming in them? Isn't it a tad hot for boots, or is it, "Heat be damned, I'm stylin'!"?

I'm fashion-challenged, so it's an honest question.

but but..they're Jimmy Choo!!!!

ubetcha, once our temperature starts going down to FFP (Florida Freezing Point - roughly about 65 degrees), I immediately take out my boots. I have many.

LOL, Hammie! That was definitely cold, stark truth. Siouxie's consolation, though, is that he won't go to Mijammies, it being a 3rd world country and all. I say you should revoke his passport!

Yes, it is definitely Jimmy Choo season. I heard Tancredo and Craig were opening up a spa in Lowman, Idaho.

"If you're not having fun, it damages your soul."

That's why I'm here. Screw chicken soup - blog for the soul.

I recently took pics. of most all of my shoes (not boring ones like yardwork shoes, etc.) to make a scrapbook layout. I think I counted 75 pairs. -- *sigh* I haven't bought a pair of shoes since AUGUST.

*waves* @ Dread Pirate. Long time no see!

this represents everything that is right with california.

or something like that.

siouxie, i used to play pirates with my boysies. ah, good times.

*waves* @ gjd. Business trips suck.

Cool! When does the tournament come to su.so.ca?

I mean, I'm a programmer and I pretend to know how to wield a sword so I just know I could win!

french bread works equally well and is tastier.

Scott - remember your inability to clot from that last bizarre papercut incident? Is it really your turn to be macho? Hmmmm?

gjd - 75 pair? Poor thing. You have a lot of catching up to do.

I wasn't gonna say it, Annie.

But, Annie, I got shots for that, now. Besides, *whine on* it's my turn! *whine off*

('bout the shoes, I mean)

I've always wanted a nerf baseball bat, so this sounds like fun to me.

girls, what possible need to you have for 75 or more pairs of shoes? a check of my closets only produced 9 pair of shoes and 12 pair of boots. I have shoes for every occassion and boots for occassions that haven't yet occured. now of course, i only wear work boots or cross trainers to work, but still... 75 pair of shoes? is this a fetish or what?

wicked, yes.

and boots for occassions that haven't yet occured

Do I dare ask? Yes, I do...
What occassions would those be?

teehee, ww said 'fetish.' Need does not equal want.

OK, confession time:

Which one of us hasn't, at some time within the last 20 years, held up a cardboard tube to their lips and spoke those immortal words from the movie "Tommy Boy"?

Luuuuke. I am your father.....





(I know, I know. He used an office fan in Tommy Boy, but Chris Farley is dead now, so there)

Please note - when g00gling 'shoe fetish,' you also get results for 'fetish shoes.' Holy Tancredo, Batman! Feet don't flail me now.

We used to light them on fire first. Granted, these are the cardboard tubes that rolls of carpet come on, so they last a lot longer.

NSFW if you have your speakers on

Annie - ALL those sites are fun...
NTTAWWT, right?

DPC - someone may need an a$$-kicking in the near future. I keep a few pair of spike heel, pointed toe boots for just those type of occasions.

ww - if I weren't already married...

I'm sorry, DPC, I was distracted. Did you say something? What?
Part of the horror of the SoCal fires was having to wear sensible shoes every day, in case we had to you know, go to the spa with Katie Couric. Not fun.

Annie, *I* most certainly agree with you, but I'm not sure Mr. gjd does.

I recently gave AWAY like 30 pair. Like Annie said..it's not NEEDING more like WANTING.

JD, I'm sure that alcohol must have been involved.

DPChris: I've never had to go on a business trip, but I know it sucks when Mr. gjd, has one.

what are these sensible shoes of which you speak!?!!?


cg, my bestest pair of sensible shoes are my hot pink fluffy sandals. Too bad I can't wear those to work.

wicked: A fetish? Quite possibly. I prefer to call it a really fun hobby. Many people like to collect things...I collect shoes and boots. I have to say, though, that I HAVE worn every pair I own, except one (which was really gorgeous pair of dressy pumps on sale for $5 from something WAAAAAAAAY more than that. Had to buy them on the principle of the thing.).

Fun socks and tights is a sub-group hobby.

crossgirl - may you never have to know. :( Can you imagine - your one chance to meet a fireman, and you're wearing....gasp....sneakers?!?
I'm sorry, I...I...I'm verklempt....I have to go shopping and get over it..

*weeps quietly at zappos.com*

i guess i understand collecting things. since i have such a small apartment, i have to collect things one at a time. speaking of which, where are the naked men we have been promised?

now now, Annie! at least the rest of you matched him...in a dirty sooty kinda way ;-)

OH, Annie, that IS terrible. Nobody reports the truly horrid side of tragedies, such as this.

Do I have to say this again??!!?

Some of us prefer sweats and sneakers to evening gowns and pumps.
(I would never say no to my wife in either, but as a matter of preference...)


*snork* @ gjd's oozing sarcasm.

ahhhhhhh, i see. i guess my green hi top converse can count as sensible shoes.

Forget the kids - I wanna play pirates with Johnny Depp. Rape and pillage all you want, Honey!! Er, I mean, EEEK! Preserve my honor for I am a mere maiden, Sir!

OT - for Annie an El

Girardi has been offered the Manager job with the Yankees. (I'm sure you're aware)


Our topic was shoes, right???

DPC - only dogs can hear you now. We don't do it for the guys. We do it for us. NTTAWWT

DPChris: It's all about the options. I have shoes for sweats and shoes for pumps and shoes for jeans and shoes for skirts and shoes for...well, none of your business. *grin*

crossgirl - any sequins or glitter on them? I have gold lame' hi-tops. NOT sensible, but fun.

Spa!? Katie Couric!!!! Oh no. Poor poor Annie. Couric's evil.

okay, Siouxie, shoes AND naked men.

Sarcastic? Me?

*innocent blink*


Truly, I have actually caught myself thinking about stuff like that. If I had to have only ONE pair of shoes, which would it be, and the sadness that "practical shoes" are the ones to keep.

It's a cruel world.

(((Annie))) There, there, just look at the pretty zappos shoes and everything will be fine.

The worst part of having our house catch fire after being struck by lightning, besides having to move out for 4+ months, was that the heaviest damage was to the upstairs closets, which of course housed my SHOES. The size 4-1/2 puppies I'd spent YEARS accumulating. That hurt worse than anyuthing else!


*Joins Annie perusing zappos*

Siouxie - why are you out sportin' stories when you're supposed to be doing nakey guys research for judi?

Whoops. Came in in the middle of a vital shoe discussion. Carry on.

cg: Sensible, perhaps, but Converse are also fun, so that is a plus.

I sent her one kilt link, but she might have posted it before, then she'd have to fire herself, and THAT'S no good......

JD - I thought the fun was in the shopping for the shoes, No?

Except for some people who enjoy doing things with them. No, I'm not going to explain that. See Annie in italics at 3:28...

Haha. I'm supposed to be at the gym now and instead I am here blogging about shoes. It is a good day.

jd - size 4 1/2? Wow, I'm so jealous of you at shoe sales. My size 9 boats are always sold out.

Tube fighting for geeks to Tancreado to Jimmy Choo in 29 posts! Uh, Sioux.... how is the r&d coming? Don't wanna keep us judi waiting....

oops...oh yeah...research.

*googles naked men in high top converse sneakers*

gotta keep it on topic, ya know.

The fun is in the looking, the trying on, the buying, the wearing, the looking good...There are many levels to the joys of shoes.

So everyone here does not consider this Awesome? Come on, it sounds like a lot of fun.

I would have a great suit of armour, and attack using my great cardboard dual sabers. It would be a blast.

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