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October 29, 2007


2007 style

(Thanks to Gregory Snow)


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She probably threatens to shoot people all the time. It's just a figure of speech unless it is recorded.

Who knew you can be charged with aggravated menacing? Sounds like some disease.

Hey, judi... dave's gone. Where are the hot naked men? ;-)

...Walker insists her car was pulled over because she is married to a black man and police were using racial profiling.

This implies the officer knew the woman, and she was probably just kidding about blowing him away.

Otherwise, whut??

Calling the police department to complain that the ticket you're getting is taking too long and that you're going to shoot the cop!?!? This lady should be nominated for a Darwin award for trying remove herself from the planet. She's lucky that a SWAT team didn't arrive at the pullover to make sure she didn't do anything stupid for real.

It wasn't a pullover, A-Al, it was more of a cable-knit sweater....

Yeah!! what Med said!

we want naked men more interesting articles!

Faster ticket, higher fine?

Ya know, maybe he was debating even giving her the ticket, but then, she hadda go and open her big mouth. Wonder if she ever considered that? MIGHT be an indication of her guilt that she didn't....

The worst is to think that this was her best idea.

She was going to threaten to jump on a puppy, but couldn't see one in the nearby vicinity.

Wouldn't Aggravated Menacing be something like, "When your father gets home, I will make sure to tell him."

That was always aggravating for me.

How would the officer know her husband was Black?

Edgar, I'd answer that question for you, but this is a family blog. Mary, get your fat sharpies out.

Was it a big car?? cuz you know what they say...

Her Bumper sticker said,

"Pull Me Over, My Husband is Black"

Aggravated menacing: I'm gonna tell Mommy! I'm gonna tell Mommy! I'm gonna tell Mommy! I'm gonna tell Mommy!

Oops, I'm sorry, that's Aggravating Menacing.

My aggravated menacing for the day:

If you don't get out of bed this minute, I'm pouring ice water on you.

Hey, it worked. just. sayin'.

I just release the hounds.

Hey, I used to work for those guys...Oh, never mind, I thought it said AGGREGATED MENACING.

Edgar, to quote Clarence Carter, she appeared 'sastified.'

if nobody sends me any naked-men links, how can i post em? i honestly don't have TIME to look for them, even though i'd love to ;)

*goes off to research*

I'm on it, judi!!!!! ;-)

Let me go into that women's Arby's & complain that the service is slow!!!!!

*snork* at Alfred for

Her Bumper sticker said,

"Pull Me Over, My Husband is Black"

If her husband wasn't in the car and the cop didn't know her...she should have been charged with Aggravated Paranoia.

"Aggravated Paranoia" WBAGNFjeffy. ;)

*goes off to look for nakey guys for judi*
Hey, Siouxie told me to. And she has a machete.

I did not know that police drive around looking for white women who look like they might be married to a black man.

Oh, come on, Lizzy - where've you been? It's the newest fad in racial profiling!

Excellent bumper sticker, Alfred!

This sounds like a job for... Trunk Monkey!

***per CJ's explanation, wondering why Mrs Baggins isn't getting pulled over more often***

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