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October 29, 2007


And more


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What shoes is Dave wearing for his Strumpeting Appearances?

Clearly he is wearing those $685 boots. He earned them.

First to say I'll see you in Irvine on the 6th!

YAY to Strumpeting!!

Not first, and a simul with Edgar. Just call me 'Eeyore.'Sigh.

S'ok, Annie. I'll share with you. Just don't count touch my shoes.

I hope our simul helped.

I just got "Peter and the Starcatchers" from the library for my 11 yr. old son. He has been devouring it for the past 2 days. (He even is reading it before the book he was specifically looking for!)

Yes, Siouxie, thanks. I think the key to getting kids to read books is to tell them they can't.

"That's the great thing about kids ... they don't care about critics or who you are; if they like your story, they want you to write more."

Umm, Dave - the adults want you to write more, too. And we don't care about the critics either.

Book? What book?
Is there a writer in the house?
Why am I the last to know?

Excellent strumpeting.

Hey, what'd I do to her?

I note that Ridley was wearing a turtleneck and a jacket. Maybe I should feel guilty, sitting here in shorts, barefoot. I checked... I don't feel guilty.

[STFU and GBTW, CJ!.......ok]

Brazen strumpets!

I thought a strumpet was like a hooker? Is Dave hooking? Oh, wait... It's about Captain Hook...

Wait.... Ok. It's official. I'm confused.

"When we plot the book, we always ask, 'What's going to happen?'"


I thought a strumpet was like a hooker? Is Dave hooking? Oh, wait... It's about Captain Hook...

It is. Because when you engage in prostitution, you shamelessly sell yourself to the highest bidder, even if he is ugly. Similarly when going on a book tour, by capitalizing on your fame and signing loser's books, you shamelessly sell yourself to the highest bidder. Hence the expression equating the two professions.

And tell Annie I am sorry. I will never post at the same time as her again. I don't know why she cares, but I'm sorry all the same.

Little kids are the most honest of critics, so if they like the book, it must be that wonderful!

Oh, Edgar, unclench, ya big silly.

and *snork* @ gdogg. I thought that, too, but didn't post it. Some writers just know how to...to...you know....write.

Annie!!! Edgar says he's sooooooooorry!!!!

Second to say, "See you in Irvine on Nov. 6th!"

And please tell the "journalist" that the second book is "Peter and the Shadow Thieves" -- not "Shadow of Thieves" (which might BAGNF something but not sure what).

I'm happy as a clam, if not quite that old. Apparently, I've turned into a Mollusc for Strumpet-ween, too.

About that NY article:

Who did Lisa Chase?

I'd also grow to be 400 odd years old if I just sat there and did f-@ll and all my food was delivered to me on a current.

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