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October 08, 2007


David Stoner writes, "Sen. Larry Craig actually has a favorite recipe where you core the center of a potato and shove a hot dog in it." We have nothing to add.


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You know he wishes he'd never put that online!

Wash and dry potato. Rub with shortening or butter. With an apple corer or small knife, core out the potato center (end to end). Push hot dog through the center.



It's a fake site. look at the address


Waiting for the Iowa senator's version - which of course is an ear of corn through a potato. Wonder what the airport bathrooms are like in Des Moines?

But you have to maintain a very wide stance while the snack is cooking...

Quote from that senator: mustard is my favorite

I'd have thought his favorite condom-mint would be mayo.

Yikes!!! I'm wrong!!!!! It's real!!! As I'm certain Sen. Craig has said many times, OUCH!!!

Chris, or Miracle Whip ;-)


This is AWESOME!

Also real, from the same site.

Can you say "recall"?

that's a mighty firm bun you got that wiener in there, senator

OMG..."These are my brains; these are my brains'n'eggs."

Hillary did NOT post a recipe!!! Perhaps we could the NYT to analyze THAT for twenty or thirty pages.

"Super Tuber"? In your dreams, pal.

I saw that on craigslust.com.

Really, though, judi, I'm speechless. Except I can't shut up.

I would have been much more surprised if he had said that his favorite recipe was a sausage taco... wiener in a taco shell with sour cream.

I'm surprised the good senator did not suggest this hot dog be used.

...get the lovely goo that oozes out when you bite them...

You say potato, I say "you're sicko,"
You say tomato, I say "put that thing away and get out of my kitchen."

[STFU and GBTW CJ!! ok]

You say "Tancredo", I say "churrito."

*snork* @ CJ

Senator, would you like a coke with that??

An artificial hip and a CBB.

We're gonna need a bigga hand basket.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, Siouxie!!

And somebody give Annie more Cuban coffee! She's really sparkin'!

CBB?? coke bottle butt?

Siouxie - do things really 'go' better with Coke?

"I'd like to teach the world to sing..."

I was thinking Coke Bottle Boyfriend, since Coke Bottles aren't Battery Operated.

Annie, yes...

"Have a Coke™ and a smile"

Poor Senator Craig - he has nothing to goo on.

or "have a kook and a smile."

Would'a thought that he preferred to put his hot dog between well buttered buns. Just no accounting for some people's tastes.

this is just wrong on soooooooooooo many levels.

Ode to Larry-
Oh, he wished he had a very major weiner,
That is what he'd truly like to see,
'Cause if he had a honkin' major weiner,
He'd have a nicer wife in cell block three!

Henceforth, Sen. Craig will be known as

Mr. Potato Head.

You are going to want to use a wide stance when coring a "Super Tuber," so don't hesitate to practice the necessary hand motions before attempting this recipe.
I believe it is best served and enjoyed among strangers.

*SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK* @ Annie-Where-butt-jail!

Brian, I would have thought a circle of friends would be more to his liking.

Snork @ JD. I will never look at that toy the same again. And while I'm at it, no more sour cream, either.

*snork @ Ducky (and everyone)
so's he gonna be chock full of coke then, Ducky?

Potatos au Gropin'?

Oh, and SuperTuber WBAGNFA super hero. Hey - it's no worse than the Green Lantern.

These Congressmen sure do seem fond of pork products?

Hot dogs.... pork brains.... pork barrels...

Where's the beef people?

Siouxie, that's sick!

*trys to stop laughing...gives up*

We have nothing to add.

judi, you should have used Dave's favorite: ISIANMTU

They always say you are what you eat, nuff said.

LOL Ducky!

Craig's thong

Ducky - or Mr. Potato P****

is 'super tuber's' sidekick named 'tato'?

"like a soft drink bottle lodged bumwards"= "a Coke and a simile"?

It looks like Siouxie's evil twin has arrived.

..and Annie's also.

Heya, Tex!! How are ya?

I thought Annie WAS my evil twin...


Ms DD ! Doin' great..and you ?

Peachy dandy! The Bears won yesterday and all is right in my world. :-D



Our H-Texans won also, on a last second 57 yard field goal. Better than nothing. But I do think the Bears will chew up the Texans. They beat them in preseason.


Don't make me come over there and spank you !

So I saw, Tex! Great!

*wonders what to do so Tex'll wanna spank her* ;) hee hee

Tex - if you wanna spank Sioux, you gotta go thru me first.
Wait, that doesn't sound right.

judi, you should have used Dave's favorite: ISIANMTU
Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | 03:29 PM on October 8, 2007

Bossing judi around, are we, jeffy? And you wonder why you don't get posted.

Hey, if you say potato, I say here's my weiner! I guess he's moved on from the tap dancing angle

Now we know the reason for his wide stance, all those potatos in his pants.

Who's doing the spankin' around here? The evil twins?


It will be a mutual affair.

Similarities between him and him and him? Coincidence? or Bizarre Alien Plot?

(since wikipedia says this is the anniversary of 'les miserables')

("do you hear the people sing?")

have you heard the latest news?
'bout that scoundrel larry craig
seems there's something on his face
and we're praying that it's egg!
when the pleadings of your parts lead to
pleadings in the courts
a sentence about to start when tomorrow comes!

we're not about to try
senator craig's new recipe
seems he puts a big frankfurter
where it just ought not to be!
though he'll make it all about
his questionable stance
bet he'd try it again, if you give him just half a chance!

All I can say is that is not my favorite food, even without the entendres. And with them, certainly no.


You out-did yourself. Hats off to you (or pants down) ...not sure which.

Texas, who'll be spanker and who'll be spankee?

Annie, the aliens are way too smart to sully their hands with the Senator.

Mot - that's why the aliens use hot dogs.

Tex - I don't take my hat off for much.

Even more horrifying is that this excuse for "food" is par for the course in Idaho. I had a friend who, while on her mission in Idaho, encountered something truly terrifying: lime jello with peas and carrots on a piece a lettuce with mayonnaise on top. They called it "salad". I call it sick and wrong.

Sadly, Utah isn't too much better...

Did someone say spanking???


Jesse - *urp* Glad I ate my lunch already.

Man, jesse - they put everything in jello up there.
Siouxie - is your wrestling outfit back from the cleaners yet? Tex is making strawberry jello. Lots of it.

insom! that was great!!! lmao!

You can spank me, Siouxie! I should be working and I'm lurking around on here!

Of course, I would probably have to finish my work standing up.... but I'm sure I would be more focused!

It's not just "up there". My grandmother over here in SE PA used to make that jello cr@p salad. Unfortunately, se lived to be 93 and I'm a bit worried that her longevity was somehow connected to that heinous food concoction.

Since no one else has said it yet...

And after the spanking, the oral sex.

I remember the "stuff in the Jello" syndrome. I think mostly women ate it because somebody said it was health. I remember Jello with walnuts and Miracle Whip on top.

hw=ealthy, dammit


*wanders off muttering*

AD, Tex??

I'm ready!


Annie, ju like this outfit?

I'm gonna need a few minutes to take my superhero outfit in. Maybe a few more, few more minutes.

You all are missing the point. A weiner spud is a wonderful midnight snack, with or without mustard.

I need to work on mine too.

Hmm Annie?? think we scared the boys???

Nah - they're just jealous that our outfits are cuter than theirs.

Could be. That or my spanking machine *EG™*

I had no idea they made machines for that. And to think all these years I've been "chopping my wood" by hand.

Modern technology. Ain't it great?

Check THIS cool paddle. Doubles as a bug zapper.

I guess I know where I'm doing my Christmas shopping this year.

As painful as this sounds all by itself, all those references to 'fork tender' make it worse.

It's interesting that this was his wife's recipe, which may explain a lot of things!

Suuuure it was, CJ. Real men don't cook.

Dread Pirate: Just a little peril? Please?

Do they call that appetizer the 'glory hole'?
Do you have to
tap your feet when you order it?

Bossing judi around, are we, jeffy? And you wonder why you don't get posted.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 04:13 PM on October 8, 2007

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Posted by Dave on October 8, 2007 at 08:54 AM

*enrolls annie is short-term memory course*

Enroll me too, Jeff. My nouns are dropping like flies.

*zips in*™

I thought I posted here earlier today but I can't find me.

I have nothing to say.

*zips out*

Teddy Kennedy: A pig in a poke

Nancy Pelosi: Fruit Loops

John Kerry: Anything with Heinz catsup

It takes a lot for me to laugh hard enough at work that I spew coffee from my nose, but....that's what happened when I read this!

Down on the Kona
Grounds in the street
Amanda's snorkin' up her coffee
That's her secret why it's so sweet

I tried Bob Craig's recipe and I don't know what size weenies he was thinking about. An apple corer makes an opening so small that Vienna sausages had to be slimmed down to be shoved in, let alone hot dogs. I know what their potatoes are like in Idaho but I am not so sure of their wieners. Sandi Kubbs

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