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October 27, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Officer, this is just my inflatable mattress. Really.

Davcat, I saw that story, and almost sent it in, but then decided I did not want to see the byline "sent in by Wench Lizzy" under this particular story. First to say that too, y'all.

Dang it! Mm beat me to it.

"Officer, Officer! I was doing nothing wrong. I found this stoopid idiot, a dummy actually, collapsed on the floor, When you came in, I was administering mouth to, uh...er... Officer, may I have a cell for two."

I did send it in, Lizzy, but - not surprisingly - after DavCat.

Good one, igloo/

And as I asked Dave:

So? This is wrong?

Apparently this man has thing for the non-living of the female persuasion... Just sayin' - after his previous arrest, no wonder he had to find an inflatable girlfriend. She's not interested in commitment like the first.

Was he smoking a cigarette and coyly asking the doll, "Whatcha thinking?"

Now Lairbo, that's not very believable... men NEVER ask that.

Sx: This guy's already neck-deep into Abby Normal territory, so who knows what sorts of behavior he's capable of.

Also, he probably isn't asking sincerely, he just read in Cosmo that gals like it when you do that.

So did the doll get away with it? Seems like a case of discrimination to moi.

I think it's sweet that he wanted a bride; i.e., a mannequin virgin. ;)

"I sent this in after DavCat" WBAGNFARB.

But probably a One Hit Wonder, Annie? Or would it repeat ad nauseum?

Maybe like Vanilla Ice - bad white rap -
Yo, I sent this in
Yo, I sent this in
Yo, I sent this in
After DavCat.


Hahaha Annie! But I don't think anyone would name a band or a rap after me. If they did, it would likely not be anything I would admit to!

Let me guess. She was an undercover inflatable doll, and he signalled.

Then I guess her cover was blown.

obviously the CRPD has been successful in clearing prostitutes off the streets.

since i am from the Cedar Rapids area i can only say, "so what?"

my "education" about inflatable dolls came in 1972 when i was a dishwasher at the old and then majestic Hotel Roosevelt in downtown Cedar Rapids. i can't remember if it was Merv the perv or Ralph the femme who told us impressionalbe recent high school grads about the "wonders" of inflatable dolls.

we were grateful for cute waitresses who were way too young for Merv or Ralph, but just the right age for guys with a steady supply of good wee... um perhaps i say too much

"anatomically correct inflatable doll" is a contradiction in terms, in my ... uh ... opinion.

Richard - you'd be surprised how far they've come. (har!)

Annie ~
We know, we know - you only know this because Souxie told you so, right ?

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