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October 26, 2007



(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Looks like something the British could add to their diet. Yum!

Just in time for Halloween, now I know what Tancredo has been dressing as...

Excellent addition to any pudding!

Let me be the first to say that Toxic Purple Ink WBAGNFARB.

Slug; check
poison; check
monster; check

Yep. I dated this guy.

Not flee, worm.

Did he blind you, casey?

Giant Toxic Sea Slugs wbagnfab featuring Al Gore.

I think the scientific name of these slug-like things is "nudibranches." heh heh.

Second photo, Sea Hare (Aplysia. First photo, I don't have time to look up right now, but is from a completely different group of critters and is probably a polychaete.

[STFU and GBTW, CJ!! ok]

you said it, CJ...not me ;-P

That bottom picture makes it look like a sea vampire.

I vant to suck your sea lettuce.

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