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October 29, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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The family that drinks together
Spends time together.


Alfred, I think that is "does time" together.

Heck, what's a Mom to do? The police told the boy to have her come and get him.

They should just let the kids drive.....

Heck, they got to learn sometime.

I know. Isn't that entrapment? She didn't break the law until she was told to do so.

I'm wondering if anybody called children's protective services. States differ in what they consider child endangerment, but this seems pretty blatant. Sorry, not funny. Not funny at all.

He registered .11 and she .13 on the breath tests. Clearly HE was the designated drunk driver.

Now it's a story about how boiled peanuts are good for you. Stupid internets.

I believe there ages were around 11 or 13 in mentality.

Curses! Foiled again!

Don't worry Darwin. We'll see if we can arrange them to be housed with the murderers. That should get them.

that ad that enlarges and stays until it is clicked on--is that like "implied consent" for breath tests for drunks...or something?

or is is more like the girl was wearing scimpy clothing so she was "asking for it?"

Whatever the reasoning, I find them very annoying. What can I do but avoid sites that use them???

curious - you need to use the Firefox browser and download the no-adds addon.

This never would've happened with my family. Mom would already have been passed out on the couch.

Their children will make perfect future pop stars!

Wow Diva. No more ads.

*snork* @ maimz!

Kids are a bad influence.

hanna: a LOT of what we blog isn't funny if you THINK about it.

Of course it also got rid of the Blog's ads. I hope that bikini girl wasn't judi's big source of income.

Hanna & Judi - often the best way to begin an awareness and correction in through humor rather than direct confrontation. (Of course at times the latter is the only course.)

There was a bikini girl!!???

ASF... one bread? [pretty sure 'first' is Ichiban] Oh, and neener!

Hana, Judi- I am of the opinion that our great Philosophers of today are all humorists. They bring up subjects about humanity, and all though they are poking fun at it, they are trying to bring light to the subject as well.
Sometimes it is really surprising. I once emailed an essay from some guy in the 19th century, who was quite of the mind that the poor should sell there young as food. This way, the population stays low, and the poor have money to stay alive.
I thought it was insane. Judi assured me that it was written by a humorist. The one who wrote Gulliver's Travels no less.
It doesn't seem like it, but the blog is really pulling our attention to some very serious subjects. They just happen to be doing it with a sense of humour.

Drat! Miss Spelled Again!!

Yes, it is Ichiban.

I didn't spell ANYTHING!

Also, Alfred, this Blog alerts us to the blatant outrageous behavior that exists out there. The dichotomy of beliefs, etc.

I can just see Dave coming in later on as we discourse on the philosophy of his humor Blog: "Gee, and I thought it was just funny."

A low flow toilet is truly a serious matter.


What did the kids get on THEIR tests?

ASF, honest truth: My Senior English teacher in High School ("I'm gonna learn you how to write essays") assigned us 'A Modest Proposal,' to read and write about. I came out in favor, but suggested Swift was being wasteful and that we needed to use the skins as well. I suggested the manufacture of 'Kid Gloves.' She didn't get it and was horrified!

No argument from here. I love laughing and even though Freud is out of favor, he was one of the first to call it a high-level coping skill. It is far superior to self-pity or hand-wringing hopelessness, and I believe once people can laugh a bit, it greases their problem-solving mechanisms which produce healthy change.

Pointing out the absurdities in our world and getting us to laugh at ourselves is a great service, and I believe is a big factor in staying sane.

CJ--You were lucky she was only "horrified." I once had a client who wrote an essay about what he would like to do to the principal, exactly as he was assigned to do, and wound up in a psychiatric ward for 8 days with no family contact. Obviously another educator with NO sense of humor.

Like Hanna says, if you don't go crazy once in a while, you'll go nuts.

Or maybe Yogi Berra said that. I always get those three confused.

Wait, there is no three. So I'm ok, right?

DD, you are my hero. (I feel a song coming on...) I use Firefox, but didn't know about this add-on.

So, was I wrong to do that?

Darwin- I thought I had you cornered.

As for drunk-driving parents, I turned one of those in last year to DFACS (the kid was injured badly). I do not regret to say that the child was taken away from that woman because of me, and I would do it again. I have no sympathy.

CJ- should have hit her with your crab hammer

My sister and I have a very bad tendency to get the giggles at funerals...

I got it - #3 is Hanna Bar-Berra. The guy with the cartoons.

gjd - I've had that happen before.

ddd, if you look closely, that mallet was facing your spot at the counter.

Annie, I thought you were fine, until you didn't intentionally mean Hanna Barbera in the first place; I thought that was your original joke!

gjd - aren't those addons great?!

speakin' of add-ons.

Aww, jeez. The BlogGals are goin' on about addons.

They are, but I have only used a few. I have the toolbar and the customized icons.

Firefox is the only way to go. period.

(just sayin')


I use it at home, but on my work monitor, the text is very odd looking, so I just use IE. I use the bookmark synching, the colored tabs, "reload every," and a couple of others, too.

CJ - afraid you wouldn't measure up? ;-P

*snork* Sorry, CJ. :-D

Good to see you, Sthnbelle!

hehehe...I wasn't going to say it, DD. (Glad you did.)

You are right, Wyo. I have an iMac, so Firefox is definitely the best. Some website features don't work on other browsers.

Mary, it's good to know that we aren't the only sickos less than reverent people out there.

I'm all alone in the Blog.

Oh. New post. Hello, McFly!

Whadda ya want? I was sleepin'!

LOL, McFly!

'belle ... " ... all of his own teeth ..." ?

Shucks ... that cuts me outta the race ...

(NEbuddy click on that ad for "Blogging for Breasts"? Me neither ...)

btw, CJ?? you left your crab torture tools here. I will keep them with my other torture kitchen utensils for the next time we have to hurt something.

and YAY! sbelle!!! nice to "see" ya! great pic!

ackkk.. SPAM!!

*takes the crab hammer and whacks the crap outta the spammer*

WTG, Siouxie! Get that sucker!!

And I had to robot TWICE!!!

I'm tellin' ya, there's no justice!

How come that cr@p can get posted and I get Botted? It's not faaaaaiiiiiir.

Okay, I'm off to get some cheese to go with my whiiiiine.

Like spam, hate spammers.

(I know, but the army did that too me.)

Beats C-rats 'n MRE's

night, all.

That was quite the Shakespearean couplet, about hittin' spammer with a hammer.

whoops! night Wyo!!

Edgar, the Ad Block and Ad Block Plus extensions by themselves don't come with a pre-defined list of ads to block -- you get to pick which ones. You musta got a version that came with a thorough list already (probably Filterset.G).

Folks that like Ad Block may also enjoy FlashBlock, and per-site Javascript and Java Blocking

Careful with Javascript block. Yes, it will stop all sorts of tracking. On the other hand, it will also turn off whole websites.

Indeed. And then you can decide -- if you trust the site -- turn turn on Javascript for that site in a couple clicks.

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